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Delonte West
Position: None
Born: 07/26/83
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:183 lbs. / 83 kg.
Both instances involving James occurred in his final season with the Cavaliers, the 2009-10 season. It was in the thick of training camp. West, who battled depression and suffered from a severe stress disorder, was a month removed from a weapons charge that was hanging over his head. The unknown of the outcome of that situation deeply tormented the guard. “I was dealing with so much guilt,” West said. “I wasn’t processing things right. I was under the impression that I was going to do nine years minimum. Everything I’ve ever dreamed of, the sweat and tears of what I worked for would all be wiped away.”
“It’s hard to have great friends in professional sports because you’re so busy with your schedule, but if James befriends you, then he’s your friend until the end,” West said. “That’s hard to say about a player, let alone a megastar. When we do see each other, it’s like you were with him playing video games yesterday. That’s a credit to his character and his humbleness in how he was raised.”
Another example was later in the season after a tough road loss. West didn’t play up to standards and he was being overly critical with himself. He was also still sweating what would come of his arrest. It reached a boiling point. He lost it at the airport. “The bus pulled up to escort us to the plane and I just broke down crying. I felt like my career was over. I was [expletive] up. I was concerned that my nieces and nephews wouldn’t look at me the same anymore. I let the team go ahead of me. I wasn’t getting on.”
Whether West could help an NBA team or even be considered for a contract is up for debate. But West said he is mentally and emotionally ready to return. “All I want to do is play basketball, play hard every play and give it my all,” he said. “If at the end of the day we lose, I know how to channel my frustration better. I know how to communicate better now. So I’m just praying for the opportunity. I think any team that gives me a shot is going to get everything they need and more.”
Clippers coach Doc Rivers said West could help an NBA team after assessing him during summer league games, but West’s past misdoings have made it difficult for him to get a serious look. West last played for the Dallas Mavericks in 2011-12 but left the team after a dispute with coach Rick Carlisle. West told the Globe his back is completely healed and his weight has increased to 195 pounds after playing summer league games at a slight 180. NBA teams can start signing players to 10-day contracts on Jan. 5. Many teams will release players with nonguaranteed contracts, meaning roster spots will eventually open for players looking for 10-day deals.
The West-less Shanghai beat Jinlin 124-117 in the overtime and won their first game in this season, ending 0-6 losing streak. Shanghai announced their decision that they had cut Delonte West earlier today through social media and has been looking for replacement. Meng Lingyuan had 27 points, and Michael Beasley had 23 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists for Shanghai (1-6), which outscored 13-6 in the overtime. The game tied 111 in the regulation. Dominic Jones had triple double, 24 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists in Jilin’s losing effort.
Rivers said the Clippers made the necessary inquiries about West’s time in China and the NBADL, and decided offering him a summer league slot was relatively risk-free. “You check all of that out — no doubt,” Rivers said of West’s behavior. “I got calls from several people in the D-League and in China who said he’s ready for this. He has a baby and a fiancee now. A lot of things have been going right for him. “I just think he’s far more mature now,” he said. “He’s given up a lot in his life, and he wants to do well. He still has a disease that he has to fight every day. I know he’s doing everything he can to get back into the league, and it’s nice to see him here. “But to be honest, it doesn’t hit you like, ‘Wow, Delonte is back here in the summer league.’?”
Delonte West: You know, [Mark] Cuban used to talk to me all the time, talk to me all the time, even afterward. He would call me, “Whatcha got going on? You still working hard?” And that’s what’s up. He was a mentor to me for a while even after I left Dallas with the whole Twitter thing, finances and tax situation. He’d go, “I know you’re in a tough financial spot, but you can’t focus on the contract. You should focus on basketball. He told me once or twice. The third time he was like, “Look dude, this is the direction we’re going to go.” So I understood that.
Does LeBron returning to Cleveland evoke any nostalgia for you? Delonte West: You know, Cleveland is still home for me. Cleveland is one of those cities. It’s blue-collar, it’s been through so much, and I can relate to all that. Anytime I been anywhere in the world, I ain’t been to too many places, tell ’em I go through Cleveland. Clevelanders, you know, they just good people, man. And they deserve some greatness. And LeBron knows that and he’s doing the right thing. It’s great, man. It’s great.
Though he is clearly disappointed and confused by the lack of interest from NBA teams, West seems to be in good spirits now. He told me he no longer takes medication, but he stays in touch with Dr. Eppright in Cleveland and is surrounded by family and friends in Prince George’s County. He believes he’s matured a great deal in the last few years, especially since meeting his wife and becoming a father. West is Christian, and he referred often to the idea of the “via dolorosa,” the sorrowful way that Jesus walked, showing his followers how much pain they can bear with God’s help. West, who has several tattoos of his own design, has the phrase written across his chest.
This is a theme that West returns to often. He seems genuinely stunned by the casual cruelty that the Gloria James rumor prompted from all corners of the Web, not to mention people he sees on the street. “That shit affects you. It affects you as a person,” he says. “You go across the world somewhere and somebody says, ‘Is it true, man? Did that really happen? With you and LeBron’s mother?’ And questions like that—that shit crazy, man.” West denies the rumor flatly, and everyone I spoke to who worked for the Cavaliers or covered the team at the time dismissed the gossip.
After two full years out of the league, veteran guard Delonte West is making the bold, necessary pivotal step towards resurrecting his NBA career by electing to participate in the Las Vegas Summer League and reaching an agreement to suit up for the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources informed His unwavering desire to once again play at the highest level is a goal he’s fixated on procuring for next season, one of the sources explained. The sources spoke on the condition of anonymity due to an official announcement yet to be made by the team.
The Chinese Basketball Association season is currently in its playoff semifinals, meaning a slew of former NBA players could be available as free agents in the coming weeks. There has been interest in former Celtic Lester Hudson, who scored 40 points in Xinjiang’s victory over Dongguan. Former Sacramento King Bobby Brown tallied 45 points in that game. Other ex-NBAers in China are Shelden Williams, Delonte West, James Singleton, Donte Green, Yi Jianlian, Dominique Jones, and Hamed Haddadi.