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DeMar DeRozan
DeMar DeRozan
Position: G-F
Born: 08/07/89
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $9,500,000
When asked about what Carroll has brought to the Raptors, Kyle Lowry smiles. “DeMar and I don’t have to worry about guarding the best guys,” Lowry said, making it clear he’s enjoying this change. “That’s his job, and he takes pride in it. He puts everyone in the right position too. He’s that glue guy who comes in every single night and plays his game. He’s going to be All-Defense, in my book.”
It’s safe to say that if DeRozan had waited and signed a deal in restricted free agency the following summer (he averaged 18.1 points and 44.5 percent shooting that season), he would have been given a juicier contract. He made the Eastern Conference All-Star team the following year, and even if his efficiency has never returned, the shooting guard has more than made good on the Raptors’ commitment. “I don’t regret anything,” DeRozan told Sporting News on Friday. “Everything happens for a reason, man. This is the place I wanted to be, so that’s where I wanted to be. I never second-guessed or thought twice about anything.”
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