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What about the Rodman versus Draymond matchup you talked about. Who gets the better of that? Kerr: That would have been fun to watch, wouldn’t it? You know, Draymond’s a much more skilled basketball player in terms of ballhandling and playmaking and shooting, making 3s, that kind of thing. I think Dennis was a real inspiration to Draymond, though, in terms of the hustle and the rebounding. Nobody’s ever rebounded like Dennis since Dennis. He had a way of impacting games emotionally that reminds me a lot of Draymond. I imagine there would have been a few technicals involved. Maybe a fight or two.
Storyline: Jordan's Bulls vs Curry's Warriors
The obvious answer is Laettner, but Jordan’s fomer Bulls teammate Dennis Rodman, a Hall of Famer in his own right who also won titles with Thomas in Detroit, disagrees. He says that … wait for it … Larry Bird should’ve been left off the Dream Team. Here’s what the Worm had to say during a recent interview on Sirius XM’s “NBA Today”: “I just think the fact that — I don’t know the issues of Michael (Jordan) and Magic (Johnson) and whoever, (Charles) Barkley, and stuff like that, if they didn’t like Isiah. But for me, I felt Isiah should’ve been on that team because of the fact that he deserved it,” Rodman said.
“I think that the fact that, even though a lot of people will try deny it or try to correct me when I’m wrong, he should’ve been there instead of Larry Bird. Because Larry Bird was hurt, injured, he could barely play, and he was on that last leg of his career. “I understand, again, the presidential treatment, because he did so much for the game, but I just think for Isiah, I think they should’ve put him on that team without Larry Bird, and that’s my opinion.”
“He’s amazing to me,” Rivers said before his team defeated the Pistons 101-96 at Staples Center. “I just watch him and I think Stan (Van Gundy) has done an amazing job. You can see he understands body positions now. He’s always been big, he’s always been athletic and now he knows how … like you watch him play, you can see him getting angles for rebounds with his body. You know that’s been taught. “So when you watch it, it’s really impressive. He’s doing the old Dennis Rodman, where you go under the rim and then you earn your way back and with his body, I don’t know how you stop that.” Drummond is just 22, yet this is his fourth season.