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With the conclusion of a police investigation, prosecutors will decide whether to file charges against famed basketball player Dennis Rodman in an alleged hit-and-run accident, officials said Thursday. The star player formerly known as “The Worm” has not been cited or arrested, said California Highway Patrol officer Florentino Olivera, but the agency recommended the Orange County District Attorney’s office charge Rodman with felony hit-and-run and driving the wrong way on a freeway. The potential charges stem from a 12:30 a.m. July 20 Santa Ana crash in which a black BMW sedan traveled south in the carpool lane on the 5 freeway. Officials allege Rodman was driving a white luxury SUV north in the southbound carpool lane.
Q: You kept Phil Jackson’s book “Eleven Rings” on your desk in Phoenix? Jeff Hornacek: My wife gave it to me as a Christmas gift after it came out. I liked the way he handled players. It might have been that laid-back [approach] … or whatever it is. But a guy like Dennis Rodman. I love Dennis, we came in the same year, but a lot of stuff that he did when Phil had him, he was starting to hit a little bit of a nutty area (chuckle) when he was doing goofy stuff. But to get him and let him be Dennis and play and continue to win championships was something else.
A lover of practical jokes, Gilbert once wanted to dummy up a fake news release that the Cavs were signing Dennis Rodman to a 10-day contract and put it out on April Fools’ Day; he was talked out of that one. After a playoff victory over the Washington Wizards 10 years ago, Gilbert had a remote-controlled fart machine installed under coach Mike Brown’s seat. When Brown went up to the dais for the postgame news conference, Gilbert stood in the back and worked the controls. Brown was flummoxed — although the microphones didn’t pick up the sounds.