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Dennis Schroeder
Dennis Schroeder
Position: G
Born: 09/15/93
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:180 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Salary: $1,763,400
The NBA announced Saturday that Thomas received a flagrant-1 foul for the incident, but not a suspension. The Celtics playmaker heard the good news from team president of basketball operations Danny Ainge, but said he wasn’t nervous even before learning about the decision. “Nah, because I knew what I did,” Thomas said Saturday after practice. “Yeah, the replay, in a slower version it’s going to look like I looked at him and tried to hit him. If I tried to hit somebody, I would’ve hit him. I know cameras are watching. I didn’t do it on purpose. But I’m just glad I wasn’t suspended and I can help my team in Game 4.”
Storyline: Officiating Complaints
“Dennis is great because he is so competitive and I think he brings a great edge to our team,” Budenholzer said. “He and I walk this fine line, or a little bit of a dance. I think there is a way to compete and keep your focus and go out and obviously you want to have success. “And there is a way that we would like our team to handle ourselves and to be ultra-competitive, but I would say ultra-classy and ultra-professional,” Budenholzer continued. “I think Dennis, as a young player, is just learning that balance, and at some point I probably have to give him a little leash and that is part of what makes him a really good player. But he knows how we want to conduct and handle ourselves.”
Storyline: Officiating Complaints
In the aftermath of the flagrant foul, former head of NBA player discipline Stu Jackson said he believed Thomas should receive a one-game suspension. Schroder seemed to feel the same way. “I still feel disrespected (about) what he did,” Schroder told reporters before the league released its decision. “I (had) just scored a basket and tried to go back on defense and he smacked me. It had nothing to do with basketball. “We talked with the referees before the playoffs, and what they told us is what he did to me yesterday is a suspension. I can’t control it. … It is on the (league memo), and Coach (Mike Budenholzer) told us that we can’t do this, we can’t do that, it is going to be a suspension.”
Storyline: Officiating Complaints