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Dennis Schroeder
Dennis Schroeder
Position: G
Born: 09/15/93
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:180 lbs. / 81.6 kg.
Salary: $2,708,582
After Axel’s death and the discovery of the letter, though, Dennis became obsessed with making his father’s belief a reality. “To take him from the park at 10 years old and see him now in the NBA, it’s like an Oscar-winning picture,” says Liviu Calin, the Romanian-born German coach who first saw Schroder on that outdoor court practicing Hot Sauce’s slip-‘n’-slide move. “It’s like Slumdog Millionaire. This is Dennis. Exactly like that.”
“Kids made jokes,” Awa says. “You learn the language. You learn to protect yourself. It got better but not that much. You learn to live with it.” Dennis remembers being ostracized as well. “I had a white friend, Fabian; we were really close,” he says. “We still talk. Went to school 18 years together. But other people would say, ‘Look at him. He’s black. He’s got dirt all over his body.’ Stuff like that. When I started to get into basketball, then people didn’t say anything. I still knew they didn’t like black people, that they thought I’m different than they are. So I just accepted it and went from there.”
He was good enough at 14 to be among the 39 players invited to a youth national team training camp, but Schroder says the coach, Frank Menz, now the head coach of Braunschweig’s first-division team, was not impressed. “He said, ‘Dennis, you’re not going to make it,'” Schroder recalls. “He wasn’t talking to me at all through the whole camp, and then at the end he was like, ‘You have no future in basketball. Not even in the first league [in Germany].’ That’s another reason I worked so hard. You can’t say that to anybody.”
“There was a youth and stubbornness that first year that was—let’s just say he was young,” Budenholzer says. “There was a lot of growth and maturation from year one to year two, including Dennis the human being. That stood out as much as anything—how much he grew his first year to the second year. He was much more open to his teammates, to being a part of a group, to coaching, to learning from pretty smart, older guys.”
He is obsessed with gold, having adorned one of his two Audis with a wrap that makes it appear to be a 24-karat gold bar on wheels. (The other is wrapped in camouflage, a color scheme he also used for the Lamborghini he also owns.) One rival Eastern Conference executive insists Schroder is a party animal. Schroder did open his own night club, DS17 Lounge, where he has been known to hang out late and smoke a hookah now and then, but he says he has never had a drop of alcohol and does not do drugs. Told of Schroder’s proclamation, the executive rolled his eyes.