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Dennis Smith
Dennis Smith
Position: G
Born: 11/25/97
Height: 6-2 / 1.88
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Salary: $3,218,280
Rick Carlisle had some serious praise for this current rookie class that had three of its best playing in the same game today with the Lakers’ Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma going up against Dennis Smith Jr. “It’s a great class,” Carlisle said. “Over the next two, three or four years, it will really tell the story of how great. Then, like the ’84 class, that took 10, 15 years to see just how great that class was going to be”
3 days ago via ESPN
Dennis Smith fell to the Mavericks with the ninth selection after a year at North Carolina State, joining a veteran-laden team that was hoping to bounce back following a 33-49 campaign last season. Ball is averaging 10.2 points, 7.1 rebounds and 7.1 assists on the season. Vice versa, Smith is posting averages of 14.0 points, 4.0 rebounds and 4.5 assists thus far. However, with both the Mavericks and the Lakers sitting near the bottom of the Western Conference standings, the first-year floor generals have faced adversity early in their rookie seasons. Still, according to 13-time All-Star Dirk Nowitzki, Smith has shown signs of developing into a budding star during the seasons to come.
“Well, you know, the rookie season is tough, especially if you’re the point guard. There’s a lot of great players out there, and [Smith] is going to have a challenge every night,” Nowitzki admitted. “Hopefully he can stay healthy here, get better from week to week, month to month, learn the rules, learn about some of those players and read the game better. But like I said, the sky is the limit. The kid is only 20, and he’s going to have a great, great future. But the first year is always tough. I don’t care who you are.”
Like when he talks about his viewing habits. It’s not all Princess and the Frog for Smith. His girlfriend recently got him into The Originals, a thoughtful and critically acclaimed Netflix series about vampires. She’s working on him to start watching Game of Thrones. His most recent obsession is Black Mirror, a British science fiction show. It is one of the most thought-provoking shows I’ve ever seen, about the unintended consequences of our technology-soaked society. When I told him I was a huge fan, his eyes lit up, and for a few minutes we geeked out replaying our favorite episodes.
I listened to Smith’s take on that episode, and it struck me that these were deep thoughts for someone who recently turned 20. It made me think that this is an NBA rookie who is especially prepared for the temptations and consequences of his coming fame. “The more technology progresses, the more humans digress,” Smith said. “I don’t got Snapchat right now. Just because I check myself on it — I’m scrolling too much. I’m spending too much time on it. I got Twitter and Instagram, more so for business purposes now, but in college I deleted both of them. I was on it too much, spent too much time on it. It shouldn’t be that prominent in my life where I’m scrolling on it or I’m checking on it first thing in the morning. It ain’t real.