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Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher
Position: None
Born: 08/09/74
Height: 6-1 / 1.85
Weight:205 lbs. / 93 kg.
The Knicks finished with the bronze medal in the Jordan Sweepstakes. At least they beat out the Lakers. “I had a great meeting and great presentation,’’ Jordan said after Tuesday’s US Olympic Team mini-camp. “Phil Jackson speaks for himself. Fish [Derek Fisher] did a great job. The whole team had a plan with the organization, a plan for me that was cool. I just decided to stay with the Clippers, but it was great. “The Knicks were definitely a team I was considering.’’
via New York Post
Phil Jackson: “Fish did a terrific job. He was positive and supportive for his players as he made the difficult transition from the floor to the command seat. His handling of matchups and clock management got better and better. But I think the most important thing that Fish accomplished was motivating his players to always play hard, even when games were out of reach in the first quarter. I know he’s going to be an outstanding coach for us.”
Q: What did you see, if anything, that was different about the Knicks’ offense during the summer league compared to what you saw last season? Walt Frazier: Sometimes in summer league they weren’t using the triangle and they seemed to have better continuity. When they go to the triangle they seem to be more methodical, apprehensive. So that’s what the coaching staff has got to work out. Q: Do you think that sticking solely with the triangle, as the Knicks did last year, would work if they weren’t as methodical or do you think it’s wise to work in some pick and roll to speed things up? Walt Frazier: You’ve got to have versatility, especially with the guys that they have. They’re not as adept as the guys Jackson has had in the past. If that’s not working, you’ve got to go to Plan B.