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Derrick Byars: “Upon hearing that the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) will include legislation that increases NBA D-League salaries to $50,000-$75,000 from the $19,000 (B contract) – $26,000 (A contract) that current D-Leaguers earn, I thought it was a game-changer for sure. I can recall conversations I had years ago with a former NBA executive and mentor of mine, where I’d say “if only the D-League could find a way to increase the salaries, it would offer a better option for pros than the current model does.” He never disputed my assertion, but the reality of a salary increase seemed like a pipe dream or, at the very least, virtual light years away from ever happening. Couple that with the advent of two-way contracts and NBA roster sizes maxing out at 18 versus the previous 15? Oh, not only is this a game-changing attention grabber, but a potential life-changer for many aspiring pro basketball players.”
Storyline: CBA talks