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DeShawn Stevenson
DeShawn Stevenson
Position: None
Born: 04/03/81
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
You mentioned guys not being friends, so I want to ask about your public beef with LeBron James a while back. Have you guys talked since then and was that real beef or you trying to get into LeBron’s head? Take me through what went down with that. DeShawn Stevenson: There was something personal that was said in the locker room that got back to me, but that’s neither here nor there. I’m older now. And it wasn’t a beef where I wanted him to be harmed in any way or involve his family or anything like that obviously. Honestly, I feel that because we both came to the NBA straight out of high school, we share something. When you’re in the league, a lot of things are said and we were all young then. At that moment, I was a young guy and I wasn’t standing for it. Now, it’s just about peace and love.
I have to ask about this: You had an ATM machine installed in your house a few years back. Do you still have it and use it? DeShawn Stevenson: I still have the ATM machine! Do I still use it? Nah. I don’t use it, but it’s still in my house. I didn’t even buy the ATM machine! It was something that my financial advisor and best friend bought for me on my birthday as a joke, but it really worked. It was something given to me that I didn’t even ask for and it got a lot of publicity and spread on social media (laughs). It had my name on it and everything, so I kept it!
If there’s anything mysterious or remotely controversial, it would be Stockton’s description of “a stubborn undertow of friction” during his final season of 2002-03, when his teammates — not named — included Carlos Arroyo, Mark Jackson and DeShawn Stevenson. In Friday’s news conference, Stockton said that subject was worth discussing mainly because of how he chose not to address it at the time, which played into his decision to retire at age 41. In turn, he angered his wife and Malone by making his brief announcement the day after a first-round playoff series against Sacramento, rather than telling them first.