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Dion Waiters
Position: G
Born: 12/01/91
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $5,138,430
Dion Waiters: “We have this expression. ‘Stay out the way.’ It just means — chill. Don’t put yourself in a bad situation. Stay out the way. That’s the thing that I keep replaying in my head over and over. If I was home, I know it would’ve never happened. He wouldn’t have been on that bike on that block. He would’ve been with me. We would’ve been chillin, eating some food, watching some TV at the crib. Staying out the way. It plays on my conscience every day. If. If. If.”
Dion Waiters had the same father. He was from the same rough neighborhood. He used basketball as an outlet to escape. Now he was pushing Pinckney to find an avenue to do the same. There were talks of college. “He was just starting to enjoy life,” Waiters said. Two Tuesdays ago, those dreams were dashed. Pinckney was one of six people killed during a violent day in Philadelphia. Waiters received the sobering call during a day off between wins over the Bucks and Clippers. He was crushed. “I just feel like if I was home, it would’ve never happened,” Waiters said. “It’s just hard right now. Hard on my conscience.” Pinckney was found dead near the 2300 block of Morris St. in south Philadelphia, shot off the dirt bike he so often rode.
Before the game, Waiters acknowledged to reporters that his brother’s death still weighed heavily on him, and will continue to for a long time. “I’m not going to get over it,” he said. “I think about it all day, every day. He’s never coming back. I hate talking about it because I get emotional, but it’s just sad, man.” Waiters said he “played a big role” in Pinckney’s life, and “helped him get away from” violence in the city.