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Dirk Nowitzki
Dirk Nowitzki
Position: F
Born: 06/19/78
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:244 lbs. / 111.1 kg.
Salary: $8,333,333
Tim MacMahon: Mavs have DeAndre Jordan meeting Wednesday morning, LaMarcus Aldridge that afternoon. Both in LA. Mavs’ recruiting committee: Mark Cuban, Donnie Nelson, Rick Carlisle and Chandler Parsons. Dirk is available this week if needed.
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Q: What language do you talk trash in? A: If I’m talking to another guy on the other team, then whatever language he speaks. Or if I want to curse the referee, obviously I’ll curse in Latvian so he doesn’t understand (smile). Q: What parts of the games of Pau Gasol and Dirk Nowitzki do you think you might want to take? A: I would love to have the IQ of Pau’s game, how smart he is playing. Then Dirk, his offensive skills, his shot, you know, fadeaway, that’s something [that is] unguardable.
There was one moment [in the documentary] when Helmut Schmidt, the former German chancellor, was telling you if you’re going to be retiring at 40, you need to be studying something, and you tell him you’re studying business. How’s that going? Nowitzki: Yeah, I was so surprised, obviously I was nervous talking to one of the ex-chancellors, so when he hit me with that one he didn’t quite know how much money we earn these days in sports, so he thought I’d have to do something to maintain the family. I didn’t quite want to say, ‘Hey buddy, I’ve got nothing lined up…’ That’d kind of make me look bad. So, I said, ‘You know what, I’ve got something…’ and in the back of my head I’m scrambling about what am I actually good at besides hoops? And business came to mind, and I’m a bad numbers guy, so that was a total lie – made up.
Do you find yourself cheering for other European players that come into the NBA to make it? Nowitzki: Actually, at the beginning I didn’t. I was like, ‘Nah, this is me. This is my spot.’ And now, over the years, I’ve shifted a little bit. Now, I’m obviously almost over the hill, so I’m there to help the young guys. Whenever they have a question, I’ll answer it. But at the beginning, I have to admit, it wasn’t like that. Every time I saw a European I wanted to go extra hard.
That said, Nowitzki remains convinced that Ellis will become a free agent. “I haven’t talked to him lately, but I’m guessing he’ll opt out. Why would he not. He had two phenomenal seasons here. He was our closer and our leading scorer last year. And I’m sure for his market value he feels like he was a little underpaid. That’s my feeling, that he’ll opt out. But that’s his decision. My gut feeling is that he’ll opt out. That’s another decision we’ll have to make. He’s another guy I’d love to keep. But we all know how free agency goes,” Nowitzki said Tuesday at the Mavericks’ Hoop Camp presented by Academy Sports and Outdoors at Episcopal School of Dallas.
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To get there, the young center wants to spend his summer getting stronger, particularly in his lower body, to help handle a heavier workload next season. And, already one of the league’s most feared rim protectors, Gobert hopes to put a little more fear into opposing defenses next year. The center intends to improve his post game and add some mid-range shooting to his repertoire. He says he’s hitting consistently from about 15-feet right now, and he plans to spend 10 days in Germany with Dirk Nowitzki’s shooting coach later this summer to help fine-tune his form. “I’m more confident,” he said of his offensive game. “Really in the first season and early last season, I wasn’t really trying anything offensively. Now I can really work on my game and try to show it on the floor.”
Nowitzki, who ranks seventh on the league’s all-time scoring list, announced his decision to compete at EuroBasket 2015 on Thursday morning at a news conference in Frankfurt, Germany. “I’ve chosen to be in Berlin,” Nowitzki said, according to the EuroBasket website, referring to the host city for Group B in this year’s tournament. “I’ve had the whole month of May and used it to gain some distance and enjoy family time. Of course, I also have consulted the matter with my wife.
On if it’s crossed his mind at all: Nowitzki: “Some nights, it’s just not fun. Especially in an 82-game season, there’s just some nights where you just feel slow and things hurt a little bit. Still, I love to compete. I love the process of getting to the gym and working out and trying to get better. What’s harder sometimes is to motivate yourself in the summer. The summer workouts, and then go home with (shooting coach) Holger (Geschwindner) for four-five weeks of every day in the morning: lift, run, shoot. That sometimes is hard to get up with because when I’m here, there’s guys to work out with. Like just now, I’ve got Dwight Powell down there, we push each other, I talk a little crap to him and that’s fun. But in Germany, I work out by myself and then Holger comes at the end and we shoot. So that sometimes gets a little hard.”

Dirk Nowitzki wants to finish contract before retiring

Dirk Nowitzki tells KTCK-AM 1310 he wants to finish contract before retiring … Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki joined KTCK-AM 1310 last Monday afternoon. Here are some highlights: On possibly retiring this offseason: Nowitzki: “No. I definitely want to fulfill my contract. I signed on for three years last summer and I’m not going to retire after the first year. If I commit to something, I commit to it fully. I’ve got two more years and hopefully make it count, make it good ones. Hopefully deep playoff runs, that’s what we wanted this year. We wanted homecourt advantage to set us up for a nice little run, we just weren’t consistent enough to really get there, so, we’ll see how the next few years play out.”
Dirk Nowitzki on the Shaun Livingston situation: “I’m not sure what he was doing. That’s what I actually asked him after. What were you trying to go for there? Actually, I told him right after I might want one more kid, so ease up there. He was kind of like it was totally my fault. I’m not sure if he tried to reach through my legs to get the ball. That’s a weird idea. He is smaller, and obviously I’m bigger, so I’m not sure if I had the ball low. I can’t even remember how the whole play happened. But yeah, it was just an awkward play. Like I said, afterwards he doesn’t have the reputation of that. He’s a really good dude. Actually Devin [Harris] and some of the guys in our locker room know him and they right away said he didn’t mean to do that. So that’s what I rolled with.”
Dirk Nowitzki on max contracts in the NBA: “In a way, I understand what the owners want to do. They want to keep it fair for everybody so the big-market teams…like in soccer. Every year it’s the same big spenders spending hundreds of millions of Euros over there. It’s the same teams always winning the league. I think it’s a good approach to have the parity to let everybody have a chance, even though it still might be the same teams. You gotta work within some rules and I actually don’t mind it. It’s not like I think everyone made enough money, even the superstars. Now with the new CBA coming up in 2017 or whatever, they’re already talking about the max money going up to over $30 million. I mean we make more than enough to start complaining…I can see both sides of it. But I don’t want to get carried away here. I think the superstars make enough money in our league.”