Dwayne Bacon Rumors

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By all accounts, the Charlotte Hornets and GM Rich Cho had a solid NBA draft night, picking up one of the top shooters on the board in Kentucky’s Malik Monk and snagging Florida State standout Dwayne Bacon in the second round. However, Cho suffered a regrettable draft-related moment Friday when introducing Monk and Bacon to the media back in North Carolina. Yup, he really called Dwayne Bacon ‘Dwyane Wade.”

Bacon has worked out for many teams leading up to the draft and he’s done well in that setting as well. At 21 years old, Bacon is an NBA-ready prospect and that’s been evident in his workouts. “I definitely feel like I’m ready to make a day-one impact in the NBA,” Bacon said. “I don’t back down from that. That’s one of the reasons why I went back to school this past year, so I could be more prepared. Rather than leaving school after my freshman year and getting picked based on my potential, I wanted to return and prepare more. Now, I feel like I’m NBA-ready. I can give a team whatever they need right now.”