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Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard
Position: C
Born: 12/08/85
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:266 lbs. / 120.7 kg.
Salary: $23,500,000
Splitter will come back to a different team. Dwight Howard has replaced Al Horford at center and Dennis Schroder has replaced Jeff Teague at point guard in the starting lineup. When considering the off-season moves, Splitter expects the Hawks to be a better defensive team. “(Howard) is a little bit more of a defensive player than Al, more rebounds, more physical presence on the court,” Splitter said. “That is going to change our team. … Dennis, he is also a great defender. He’s a better defender than Jeff. He will pressure the point guard the whole court. He is growing up and getting more solid.”
The son of a psychologist, Rao said it’s the desire to make the shot and delight those fans that forces some shooters to put in extra effort and concentration — a little like Els at the Masters. And that conscious effort can screw it all up. The Rockets tracked Howard’s free throws, and he shot “upper-70s”in the practice gym, according to a team source, but he shot 48.9 percent in games this past season. That’s a 30 percentage point gap.
Howard remembers hitting 465 out of 500 free throws in practice one day with the Los Angeles Lakers. He made 49.2 percent of his in-game freebies that season. “And for the next two or three games, I was really locked in,” Howard said. “But then I started thinking so much about it, I started missing. I was working so hard not to miss, I missed all of them. “Free throw shooting is all mental. In practice, I don’t miss. In warm-ups, I don’t miss. When I get into a game, I hear people say, ‘He’s going to miss,’ and it gets inside my head.”