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Dwight Powell
Dwight Powell
Position: F-C
Born: 07/20/91
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:240 lbs. / 108.9 kg.
Salary: $9,003,125
The Mavericks’ center position has turned into a roulette wheel. Spin it. Watch the ball go around. See where it lands and hope that a winning number gets called out. Rick Carlisle is the guy spinning the ball. This comes after Salah Mejri had a string of several games that were productive, including a double-double in the win at Washington. We haven’t even mentioned Nerlens Noel yet and he’s destined to get his shot at some point down the line. “It’s a bit of a by-committee position,” Carlisle said after Dwight Powell’s big night. “We had this three or four years ago when we frequently played three guys in one half. The guys got to roll with it and understand the things they do may only fit in certain stretches. We don’t have the luxury of a rotation right now in indelible ink so far. Which is OK. Sometimes that can keep a team on its toes.”
“You know, he’s a developing young player that’s getting better all the time,” Carlisle said while praising Powell’s work ethic last season. “Your first two years in the NBA you’re going to go through a lot of ups and downs. There’s going to be times you feel like you have it figured out, and then you get smashed in the face. That’s just how it is. That’s how it was when I played in the league, but he always learns from the tough stretches. He’s a guy with great energy, and he goes extremely hard. He’s really loved by all his teammates. And I’m very happy for him that he was named to the Rising Stars Game, because he deserves it.”