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Ed Davis
Position: F
Born: 06/05/89
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $6,980,802
While on the road this weekend, a group of executives within the Trail Blazers will solve the world’s problems before breakfast. “The Table” is an otherwise normal breakfast table but is transformed into a board room by its “CEO’s” and specific rules. The ground rules are made up by the CEO’s: Chris Kaman, Ed Davis and Meyers Leonard. “On the road, we leave shootaround and we have a time to talk until 10 minutes ’til we have to give (gear) back,” Meyers Leonard said. “We go have breakfast. Probably five tables, five, six chairs. It’s always been me, Ed (Davis), (Chris) Kaman, Pat (Connaughton) — that was our first four.”
Rookie guard Pat Connaughton was also an original member of the table, but he’s a rookie and thus not eligible to be the CEO. His presence at the table can also be in jeopardy. “Pat he’s one of the guys who is in there,” Davis said. “Sometimes he gets booted out ’cause he a rookie, you know.” “We got a lot of guys that want to be accepted in the table but they can’t,” Davis said. “You got guys like Gerald who always fight to get in there and sometimes we won’t fight to let him in. Chief one of the guys you usually get to see. Mason was in there, but he got booted out for being inconsistent.”
Talking to the players in Portland, it’s clear this is a very tight-knit group and that there’s more bonding taking place this year than in past seasons when there was a mix of young guys and veterans (who oftentimes have a family and different priorities than their younger peers). Davis loves the fact that everyone is around the same age and that the team is so close. “It’s definitely enjoyable. That’s one thing I love about the NBA: all of the relationships you build,” Davis said. “There are some veterans like Chris Kaman, for example, who can tell us stories and talk about things that he has been through. But we do have a lot of young guys and all of us are hungry. We all still have stuff to prove and we’re all in that 23-to-27 age range. Hopefully we can keep this thing together for a long time.”