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Ed Davis
Position: F
Born: 06/05/89
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $6,666,667
Stotts has been embraced his players, including veterans Ed Davis and Chris Kaman, both playing under their sixth NBA coach. “I’ve had every personality as a coach you can possibly think of,” Davis said. “I can’t say one bad thing about Coach Stotts, from his coaching style to how he treats people. I always say I want to play hard for him every night. I probably want to play harder for him than I do for myself. It’s all respect from here.
“You don’t expect us to win, right?” Davis said, referring to the semifinal matchup with the Warriors. One by one, the journalists shook their heads, offered a quiet “no” or blurted out a laugh. “We have nothing to lose,” Davis said. “If we go out and get swept, that’s what everyone is expecting. So that’s how we’ve got to play it. Just give it all we’ve got … and see what happens. But we really have nothing to lose. Because all y’all expect us to lose. The only people who believe that we are going to win it are the 15 people on the roster and the coaching staff. We’re going to fight until the end.”
While on the road this weekend, a group of executives within the Trail Blazers will solve the world’s problems before breakfast. “The Table” is an otherwise normal breakfast table but is transformed into a board room by its “CEO’s” and specific rules. The ground rules are made up by the CEO’s: Chris Kaman, Ed Davis and Meyers Leonard. “On the road, we leave shootaround and we have a time to talk until 10 minutes ’til we have to give (gear) back,” Meyers Leonard said. “We go have breakfast. Probably five tables, five, six chairs. It’s always been me, Ed (Davis), (Chris) Kaman, Pat (Connaughton) — that was our first four.”