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Ed Davis
Position: F
Born: 06/05/89
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $6,980,802
At around the 20 minute mark of the podcast, Olshey also talked in detail about the type of deals both Aminu and Ed Davis signed. With both contracts being descending deals meaning the money is front-loaded where the players earn less each year after the first year of the contract. Portland did this because they had to max out Damian Lillard who is on an ascending deal, meaning the money is back-loaded and he will earn more in each year of his deal. The Blazers felt this gave them more balance and flexibility if they want to make trades or sign other players down the road. This portion of the podcast is definitely worth listening in on.
Ed Davis recently told me that one of the main reasons he wanted to join the Blazers was to play with you. Have you ever recruited free agents and is that something you’re open to doing in the future? Damian Lillard: “I have never recruited anyone. I’ve spoken to guys with games that I like to see if they wanted to be in a different place and things like that – guys I thought would fit with our team. That was that, but I’ve never gone out and recruited people. I’ve always felt like people will go where they want to be, where they feel most wanted, where they can most benefit and benefit the team, so I let people make their own decisions. It’s kind of up to the player. If you go out there and you recruit somebody and, I guess, butter them up and they come and it’s not what you made them believe it to be then that can be bad, so you got to let people feel it out for themselves and work it out that way.”
Not only is Davis hoping to remain with Portland for the duration of his three-year contract, he admits that he would love to finish his career with the Blazers. He has never stayed with a franchise for longer than two and a half seasons, but he’s hoping that changes in Portland. “That’s definitely my goal,” Davis said of sticking with the Blazers long-term. “Portland is one of those organizations where they like to keep a team together – they like to build that way. I definitely feel like this is an organization I can grow with and hopefully this is my last stop in my career. I’d love to win some championships in Portland and then I go out here.”
Ed Davis has already found where he’s going to live, although he doesn’t know where he’s actually going to live. He only knows the address. He likes the neighborhood and likes the city so far. He calls Portland, “right up his alley”. Davis said, “I’ll be The Enforcer.” For Blazers fans that means something special. Maurice Lucas was “The Enforcer”. Those are some big shoes to fill. Lucas was the starting power forward of the Blazers 1977 Championship Team. Lucas earned the nickname “The Enforcer” in 1977 when the team was being beaten by the 76ers. Darryl Dawkins threw Bobby Gross to the floor and Lucas came running to Gross’ defense. Lucas clocked Dawkins and the players were both ejected.