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Elton Brand
Elton Brand
Position: None
Born: 03/11/79
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:265 lbs. / 120.2 kg.
Q: What are your reflections about your time with the Hawks and your two years in the NBA? Pero Antic: Expect the unexpected! I would not talk about the results that we made, but more important than that are the people around and within the team. Everything starts with COACH BUD. He taught me so much about life, family, basketball and so many other things. I would miss him a lot. I’m so happy that I met a person like him in my life, that has accomplish so much in life and still he is down to earth. My teammates and the other coaching stuff that made it all easier for me – from my El Capitano Al Horford to the old man my mentor Elton Brand and Dominique Wilkins. People are great. The city is beautiful and the whole HAWKS organization was my family. We all built something great. Maybe the best chemistry in the league I wish them a lot of health and more happiness for the HAWKS and the city of ATLANTA. TRU TO ATLANTA.

Elton Brand retiring?

However, as the children enjoyed and appreciated the contributions of Brand and despite the fact that the NY Knicks contributed T-shirts to Elton Brand Youth Day; the afternoon was even more bittersweet, as after a 16-year career in the NBA, Brand announced his retirement. “The Knicks are giving out T-shirts,” Brand smiled. “I really appreciate that and I have always supported and wished the hometown team well. I could get in shape if I got the call but this looks like the end of the run for me, right now it is family time,” stated Brand.