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Enes Kanter
Position: C
Born: 05/20/92
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:261 lbs. / 118.8 kg.
Salary: $16,407,500
Kanter wasn’t at his station when the locker room was opened to the media at 5:45 p.m. on Monday, but a few minutes later he strolled over, looking unconcerned. The first question, naturally, was whether enough time had passed to separate him from the emotion of last winter’s trade. “Yeah, I think I’m over it,” he said. Enes the Terrible was nowhere to be found and Enes the Agreeable was back. “I think they are over it too,” he said of his former team. “So it’s good to be back and just play.”
Novak’s assessment of what happened last spring when, after receiving a demanded trade, Kanter disrespected all things Utah — from management, to his old team, to fans, to the community — and then the Jazz crowd responded with heckling and booing en masse in his return to EnergySolutions Arena? Simply put, Novak isn’t impressed. “His relationship with Utah is, I think, a little bit silly,” Novak said, speaking frankly about Kanter. “I’m not real sure exactly what went on there, but Enes is a great guy. Utah is a great organization. I was here with Enes. There was never any big incidents or anything like that.”