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Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon
Position: G
Born: 12/25/88
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $15,514,031
“I don’t think we’ll ever be up against the shot clock anymore,” Pelicans shooting guard Eric Gordon said. “(Gentry) is all about possessions. We talked about how limited we played and how slow we played (91.4 possessions per 48 minutes last season, 27th in NBA). He wants that way up. He wants the game fast, he wants more shots. He thinks that’s going to be tough on a defense, to see so many shots go up and go in, wide-open shots. The faster you play, the easier shots you’re going to get. He keeps emphasizing that you have to play fast 100 percent of the time. He doesn’t want it to be 60 percent of the time. And he wants the offense to be in a rhythm.”
Davis is the headliner on a roster that has been one of the NBA’s youngest teams, something Perkins factored into his decision to sign with New Orleans. Perkins is the oldest Pelicans player, with every other member of the squad in his 20s. Davis is only 22, while Tyreke Evans and Jrue Holiday are just 25. “You looked at every position from AD to Jrue to Eric (Gordon) to Tyreke and you just saw that they had a nice core, young guys that were good at every position,” Perkins said. “Raw talent. All they needed was a couple teaching points on the little things and professionalism. They had that (professionalism) already, because they work hard. But on the court, they needed a leader. The leader is not always the best player on the team, but more so the vocal side.”