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Ersan Ilyasova
Ersan Ilyasova
Position: F
Born: 05/15/87
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Salary: $7,900,000
MLive: You were in Milwaukee for seven seasons, the only American city you’ve ever really known, and then you’re traded to Detroit. What’s that transition like? Ilyasova: It’s not a huge change. It’s not like you’re going from Milwaukee to New York, or something. It’s kind of the same, weather-wise, and I think it’s a little bit bigger than Milwaukee. There’s a lot more things to do in Detroit. But I’m not living in Detroit — I’m living in this area, outside of Detroit. Even in Milwaukee, I was living in the suburbs, not downtown, and for us, as a family, we always lived out of town anyway.
MLive: What are some of the biggest differences between American style of basketball and the European game? Ilyasova: When you look at it it’s not much, but when you play it, obviously … the rules, the speed of the game, and I think it’s a huge difference when you play 40 minutes as opposed to 48 minutes. I think eventually European basketball will have to move to 48 minutes, because sometimes you can’t play all players in 40 minutes and it’s a short game. But it is what it is, but I think now they’re moving the 3-point line a little bit further and I think the goal is NBA rules. But we’ll see, it’s the NBA, it’s the top level. But European basketball, it’s strong, it’s a lot of NBA players (there) and in China. Good marketing. When you play in the Euro League, and overseas, it’s a huge challenge and it has a lot of fans too.”
Ersan Ilyasova, Marcus Morris and Adonis Thomas all left Saturday’s scrimmage with various injuries, forcing head coach Stan Van Gundy to cut the Pistons’ open-to-the-public practice at The Palace of Auburn Hills short. “It was either end the scrimmage with 36 seconds or I had to play,” Van Gundy said. “We decided to go with ending the scrimmage. “But I’ll tell you, my stance is really good. I just don’t know if I can move out of it.”
Coach Ataman said the decision was not political. “I wanted to have a close relationship with Enes since I took over the job last year, but could not get any response,” he said after announcing the squad, which includes NBA players Ersan Ilyasova, Ömer Asik and Furkan Aldemir. “He still has not apologized to his teammates for past incidents, but he may be a part of the squad in the future,” Ataman added.
Ilyasova, too. After spending the first seven years of his NBA career in Milwaukee, the 28-year-old admitted initial shock at news that he was headed elsewhere. But it didn’t take long – a conversation with Van Gundy, another with fellow Turk Hedo Turkoglu, text messages with his new teammates – before the possibilities with the Pistons invigorated him. “I mentioned to Coach, (Turkoglu) called me and we talked about how he said the way we played in Orlando (under Van Gundy), the way you play and the way he liked to play with Coach and he shared a little bit,” Ilyasova said. “The great year he had when he reached the Finals, he said you probably would fit in for sure and I’m really glad I talked to him about it.”