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Evan Fournier
Evan Fournier
Position: G
Born: 10/29/92
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Salary: $17,000,000
Fournier was asked if it was important to continue building with the Magic over seeking the most money possible. “Yes, definitely,” said Fournier. “I don’t want to say a pay cut. It’s still a lot of money. But I did not even look at offer sheets or consider anywhere else. Since day one I’ve said it: I feel good here. There is no reason for me to leave. The front office showed me confidence. I’m a loyal guy and this is how we do business.”
Players love the ratings and their faces too. Evan Fournier’s character went viral, but now he’s happy with the changes. Ronnie 2K: He is. That was a really weird one-off situation. I’m not really sure what happened with his scan… Again, we have so many players in the league. But it was fixed immediately, so that makes me believe it wasn’t a problem with his scan or his art or anything like that. It was something else. We work really hard to get this guys’ scan. I’ve thought about this… If you want to make sure it’s right, just come to our office or we’ll come to you and we’ll get it fixed, we’ll get you re-scanned. We’ll probably do that in the coming month.
Evan Fournier was arguably the most notable absence of France in the Olympic Games. The Orlando Magic player gave an interview to French L’Equipe “breaking” his silence regarding his exclusion from his national team’s roster and expressing an obvious resentment on the whole matter. “I hated not being in the Olympic Games,” he said. “I had suspected that I won’t make the cut a week before I was informed about it. I was reading interviews where only Rudy (Gobert) was mentioned among the players who didn’t play in the OQT but would go to Rio. In the end, I received a voicemail by Vincent Collet that briefly explained the reasons I was left out.”