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Frank Mason
Frank Mason
Position: G
Born: 04/13/94
Height: 5-11 / 1.80
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Salary: $1,184,385
Rookie guard Frank Mason III might yell to him, “Pull up on his block!” And Temple might translate that it means to shoot in the opponent’s face. “We’ll send a message within our group text and he’ll randomly reply,” Temple said. “(Monday) De’Aaron Fox said, ‘Who needs a chop in Houston?’ Anybody else, especially us black guys, know that’s, ‘Who needs a haircut?’ Bogi says, ‘What’s a chop?’ Things like that he’s still trying to figure out, so I find myself explaining certain lyrics of a song, what certain stuff says.”
With De’Aaron Fox on the roster, the Kings have no interest in acquiring any veteran point guards, sources said. Fox and fellow rookie point guard Frank Mason make George Hill expendable, especially Mason is healthy. The Kings can also play Bogdan Bogdanovic at point. The Kings aren’t interested in acquiring long-term deals because they want to maintain financial flexibility. The Kings would also like to collect more draft picks as part of their latest attempt to rebuild and become a winning team.