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Garrett Temple
Position: G
Born: 05/08/86
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
Salary: $8,000,000
Behind the scenes, Temple established himself as an authentic voice of experience. Vince Carter will carry a lot of weight in the locker room as a former superstar turned aging mentor. Zach Randolph commands respect with his 16 years of grinding through the NBA, and George Hill will take on tutoring the rookie point guards. But at the end of last season, Sacramento’s locker room was all Temple’s. He was voted the Kings’ teammate of the year and he has built strong bonds with the young core. He’s already spent time this summer with the incoming rookie crop, which only solidifies his spot as a team leader.
“The closer we get to training camp, when this Trump stuff dies down, we will all talk about what we are going to do,” said the Kings veteran. “We realize that we have a very large platform. One of the things I love about our league so much is that we’re the most progressive of all the major sports. But at the end of the day, you wonder how much has changed. We’re in a league where 75 percent of the players are black, but we still have very few minority owners and general managers. Frankly, we still have a long way to go, and we have to talk about that.”
Where to start? Temple’s paternal grandmother attended the Tuskegee Institute and took classes taught by George Washington Carver. All of his grandparents finished college in the early 1900s, though not in their native Louisiana. His father, Collis Temple Jr., was the first African American to play basketball at Louisiana State. “The governor at the time (John McKeithen) was in my dad’s living room, begging him to integrate LSU,” Garrett Temple said. “He had no idea that my grandfather had been turned away years earlier because he was black. Literally, Louisiana gave my grandparents money to attend college out of state. To my dad’s credit, he enrolled at LSU and even ended up getting his master’s.”