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Gerald Henderson
Gerald Henderson
Position: G
Born: 12/09/87
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $6,000,000
Gerald Henderson: “Kobe finished the game with 30 points. After the game, Coach Brown gave me a nod and said I’d played well. I think he meant it. Even though Kobe got 30, I had stuck to my game plan. For great scoring guards, the game plan is pretty universal: limit your guy to tough, contested two-point shots. If they’re off-balance jumpers, even better. Problem is, an off-balance, contested jumper might be Kobe’s strongest offensive move. You know the one where he drives past his defender, finds his spot, stops on a dime in front of the help defender, elevates, releases the ball at the height of his jump over an outstretched hand, leans back to put a little more arc on it. If you’re a defender, that’s a great shot to have your opponent take. Any coach would smile at that.”
Gerald Henderson: “But Kobe makes those shots — consistently. And there’s nothing you can do about it… Kobe’s perfected the art of scoring, if that can be done. He has counters to your counters. He has a toolbox full of scoring moves. Every night, he has new tools in there, for new scenarios. Good defense rarely slows Kobe down. In a crazy way, good defense makes Kobe better. It just reveals new moves that he’s been waiting to try out.”
Wayne Ellington: He’s just showing the support to let me know he’s there for anything I need. It’s just so crazy that it happened. I was playing against him, so he was there for me when I got the news [that my father passed away], which is crazy. He’s just been supportive in any way I needed him, whether it’s texting each other or talking on the phone or just being there for me. I know he had a game the day of the funeral. He came in early and then left and made it to his game. That just shows everything what we’re about.
4 weeks ago via NBPA
Gerald Henderson: I’m always there for him, man. I did have a time where my grandparents actually passed away in the same summer in college. Being a friend sometimes isn’t doing anything spectacular. Sometimes it’s just calling somebody or picking me up, like, “Let’s get some food, man.” That was Wayne. We were both in summer school that year. Those small things help you get through those times. I know that summer in particular I was going through a rough time, which he went through this season. One thing I always told him is he’s so strong through that period, and he had to be for himself and his family. It’s just like with basketball for him right now. He keeps a level head. I know [his father’s passing] was a tough thing to go through, but you just put your head down and keep going. So he stayed very strong through that time, man. I let him know that. But you’ve got to move on, and I know he plays with his dad on his heart every game.
4 weeks ago via NBPA
Gerald Henderson: His dad was a special guy, man—a great guy that everyone that knows him misses, including myself. In high school, everyone’s talking, “Who’s better: Gerald or Wayne?” But his dad has always been my biggest fan. He would take me to all the games. He treated me like his own son, always encouraging me, and my dad would do the same for Wayne. Our dads knew we both were individually talented and we would have good careers.
4 weeks ago via NBPA