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Glen Davis
Position: F-C
Born: 01/03/86
Height: 6-9 / 2.06
Weight:289 lbs. / 131.1 kg.
Matt Barnes had to have been stung by the public rejection Rihanna served him Monday on Instagram, but if it’s possible, things just got worse: One of his former teammates said he’s “obsessed with Rihanna.” Talking to Sports Illustrated, Davis said of his former teammate: “I think he likes her,” Glen Davis said. “I think he just had a big crush. He said a little too much. He has a crush. It’s just a little high school fling thing. He’s just obsessed with her. Like on the plane, he talks about her all the time. … It was just something friendly, Rihanna didn’t have to kill him like that.”
via The Big Lead
Which brings us to when Davis discussed the Jordan/Paul dynamic, and why Jordan was unhappy enough with the Clippers to agree to play for Dallas (before changing his mind). “It was a false reality,” Davis said of the reports of a CP3/Jordan feud. “It was like they had problems, but they didn’t have problems. We can hang out, have a good time off the court, it just some players rub each other the wrong way. I think that’s what it was and they never really talked about it until DeAndre said ‘I’m going to go to Dallas….’