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Gordon Hayward
Gordon Hayward
Position: F
Born: 03/23/90
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:207 lbs. / 93.9 kg.
Salary: $15,409,570
Gordon Hayward: But the guy who has impressed me the most has been Trey Burke. It’s a difficult situation to be asked to come off the bench after being a starter, which is what happened with him, and he’s extremely capable of starting for us. But I think he has really embraced his role and he’s been huge for us coming off the bench. He’s been the reason why we’ve won some games, with his energy and his scoring in that role. For him to be so committed to the team aspect that he’s embraced that, and can come off the bench, still play well and honestly give us a big lift, has been really impressive to me. It says a lot about who Trey Burke is.
For what it’s worth, Hayward’s last blog entry about James was at the outset of the Finals, when he heaped praise upon the Cavaliers’ star and essentially opined that James was Cleveland’s lone shot at victory. But even in that blog post, written June 4, ahead of Game 1 of the Finals, Hayward said of James: “It’s taken for granted that he’s averaging 28, 8 and 10 in the playoffs. “That’s just insane, and he does that while being in “chill mode,” as he calls it, half the time,” Hayward wrote.
Scoop: Has the early part of your career played itself out the way you envisioned it? Hayward: I didn’t expect myself leaving early from college at all. And just, going to the national title game and then being drafted, everything just happened so fast. And then, you know, my first year, Coach [Jerry] Sloan resigns and then [Deron Williams], our all-star point guard got traded and it all just happened so fast. I really just got to experience what the NBA was like in just one year and find out how much of it is just a business.
While fans freaked out about that, Hayward, the thrifty young man who bought a Honda Civic with his first NBA paycheck, was less than thrilled that the L.A. Times even brought the fact that he purchased a $3.35 million vacation home — or a tennis court estate, as the article put it — in Rancho Sante Fe. “It is definitely kind of annoying just because you’d like to have a little bit of privacy with things you do off the court,” Hayward said after Saturday’s practice. “Everything on the court is wide open and everything. But it is what it is.”
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