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Greg Oden
Greg Oden
Position: None
Born: 01/22/88
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:257 lbs. / 116.6 kg.
After Oden was drafted first overall by the Trail Blazers in 2007, one pick ahead of Kevin Durant, the team outfitted him with a special orthotic insert to even his legs. “Three weeks later, I’m in surgery,” he says. Oden can’t prove that the orthotic is the sole reason his body collapsed in the NBA. The wheels were in motion for his body to fall apart the moment he hit his first growth spurt on the way to 7 feet. Everything in his life since has been governed by it. “And now I’m back here,” he says at the gym, “trying to figure it all out.”
7 months ago via ESPN
Storyline: Greg Oden Retirement
The only thing Oden remembers from the night in 2012 when the Trail Blazers cut him — after three more years and three more knee operations — is that he drank enough to not remember anything. The Heat signed him in 2013, but he played sparingly that season, and the team let him walk. Soon after, on Aug. 7, 2014, Oden was supposed to be with the Ohio State basketball team in the Bahamas, volunteering on a summer tour, but he bailed at the last minute. He went to a club with his on-and-off girlfriend at the time, Christina Green, and he coupled beers with shots. They returned to the house of Oden’s mother, Zoe, and started arguing. Zoe and a friend of Green’s tried to calm him down, but Oden swatted them out of the way, pushed Green onto a couch and hit her three times, according to the police report. The last blow split open her forehead, drawing blood. Oden’s mother pulled him off, and Green’s friend called 911. Oden also called 911, ordered an ambulance and turned himself in. “I was wrong,” he told police, “and I know what has to happen.”
7 months ago via ESPN