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Greg Oden
Greg Oden
Position: None
Born: 01/23/88
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:257 lbs. / 116.6 kg.
Greg Oden could be preparing himself for another NBA comeback attempt. If he does, Mike Conley wouldn’t be surprised. “He’s talked about that he’s not ready to leave the game. I can tell you that,” Conley said. “He wants to play.” The Memphis Grizzlies point guard and Oden have been close friends since their childhood days in Indiana. The two were basketball teammates through middle school, AAU, high school and college.
With Ohio State playing in the NCAA Tournament in Portland, it brought together two parts of Greg Oden’s basketball map, and the revelation from Buckeyes coach Thad Matta that the former Buckeyes center has been working out at the school while contemplating another NBA comeback. While it again will come down to Oden’s knees, the reality last season with the Heat was one of limited passion for the game from Oden, let alone mobility not nearly at NBA level. “There is a possibility he makes another run at it,” Matta said. It will be interesting, in the wake of Oden’s assault plea in December, whether interest from the NBA remains. It is highly doubtful, with the revelation that is Hassan Whiteside, that there would be any from the Heat. Remarkably, Oden is only 27.
Charlotte’s Jeffery Taylor received a 24-game suspension at the start of this season for pleading guilty to domestic assault, so that may discourage teams from signing Oden. Word out of Columbus, Ohio, is that Oden has not had any alcohol in six months and is working himself into playing shape. Oden last played with the Heat last season, and he participated in just three games during Miami’s playoff run, then was arrested last summer. Oden has been besieged with injuries and his desire has been questioned at times, but let’s hope Oden is capable of one final run
More than anything, Matta said, he’s thrilled that Oden is enjoying life again. “I don’t know, quite honestly, if I’ve ever seen Greg as happy as he is right now in terms of everything is going great in his life,” Matta said. “He’s made a lot of personal commitments to change. Having him around literally every single day and spending time with him, there’s no greater feeling. I’m excited for him.”
Matta said Oden has been doing “high-level training” the past 6 months with coaches at Ohio State and weighs about 280 pounds. “Quite honestly, I haven’t seen Greg look this good since when he played for us back in the day at Ohio State,” Matta said. “His attitude is off the charts. He went through a lot. You look at Greg’s life, how difficult things have been. I know that he is a kid that never wanted to let people down. The injuries, you know, none of us can prevent those. I know there’s part of him that wishes that stuff couldn’t have happened. I still swear he was going to be one of the greatest to ever play in the NBA just from the year I was with him.”

Greg Oden to attempt NBA comeback?

Ohio State coach Thad Matta says former Buckeyes star Greg Oden has been training on campus and could attempt another NBA comeback. Matta spoke Wednesday in Portland, where Ohio State is preparing to face Virginia Commonwealth in the NCAA Tournament’s round of 64. This is the same city where the Trail Blazers selected Oden with the top pick in 2007, but the 7-foot center was constantly sidelined with knee injuries.

Greg Oden pleads guilty to battery deal

Greg Oden, who was accused last summer of punching his former girlfriend in the face, has reached a plea agreement with Marion County (Ind.) prosecutors, according to court documents. The former Portland Trail Blazers No. 1 overall NBA draft pick was arrested in August after police said an altercation took place in his mother’s Lawrence home between Oden and his 24-year-old former girlfriend.
Former NBA No. 1 draft pick Greg Oden has struck a plea deal with prosecutors to settle battery charges involving a former girlfriend. The Indianapolis Star reported Tuesday ( that Oden pleaded guilty in December to felony battery with moderate bodily injury while three other charges were dismissed. Court documents say a judge fined Oden $200 and ordered him to complete 26 weeks of domestic violence counseling, alcohol counseling and 909 days of probation. A no-contact order also was put into place. Oden was arrested in his hometown of Lawrence last August after allegedly punching the woman in the face. A message seeking comment was left for Oden’s attorney. Portland made the former Ohio State star the top pick in 2007 but knee injuries largely derailed Oden’s professional career.
Instead of teaching his franchise center the finer points of post play, McMillan would soon be spending his nights coaching the Blazers to cope without him. Eventually, his days would often require working with Oden through counseling for depression. There were times when Portland’s basketball staff went through counseling to better help Oden benefit from his own sessions. “We just tried to do all that we thought we needed to do,” McMillan said. “But we also felt he needed some outside help. We worked with his agent, former coaches, mentors, Mike Conley Sr., his family … trying to figure out what was best. We just tried to bring in all the people we felt could help.”
He didn’t hang out with many teammates when he did travel, choosing instead to venture out alone or with friends outside of the team. But multiple members of the Heat said he stayed even-keeled throughout the season, which one player said was better than many expected considering his trying situation. Oden rarely showed his frustration in moments when he expected to play but didn’t, but he would, at times, scoff when approached by reporters about his health status after Spoelstra would suggest he wasn’t quite ready to play.
Oden struck the victim at least three times in the face, causing a laceration across her forehead, a swollen eye and a nasal fracture, according to court documents. A friend of the ex-girlfriend told police Oden stopped punching her only after he saw blood splattering onto the sofa. “Stop! Stop! Get off her!” witnesses shouted at Oden, according to police records. “He really wanted to punch the [redacted] up outta her,” Zoe Oden told investigators, according to the police report.
Upon returning to his mother’s suburban Indianapolis home from a nightclub with two women who were in town to visit him, according to police, Oden grew violent during an argument with a woman he dated on and off for three years. Oden’s mother, Zoe, told police she was awakened by a dispute that might have involved accusations of the ex-girlfriend’s infidelity. Arrest records indicate Oden overpowered his mother and a second person, described as the victim’s best friend, to attack his ex-girlfriend near a family room sofa.
A year ago, on Aug. 10, 2013, the hulking center spoke of the promise of his return to the NBA, of signing on with the two-time defending champion Heat after almost four years out of the game. By media day, he was bailing on interviews. For the first half of the season, he was kept in a tight, preplanned cocoon of rehabilitation. But when he did make it onto the court, it might as well have been the Eddy Curry experiment, circa 2011-12.