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Hakeem Olajuwon
Hakeem Olajuwon
Position: None
Born: 01/21/63
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:255 lbs. / 115.7 kg.
ESPN: You were closer with Hakeem (Olajuwon), Clyde (Drexler) and others. How does your relationship with James compare? Alexander: “Dream” (Olajuwon) isn’t here a lot, but I’m very close to him — we see each other, we like each other a lot. I’m closest to Clyde. Clyde comes to my house in the Hamptons and see him all the time with his wife. I know them socially. I love Dream, and I’m very close to [Tracy McGrady]. I’m closer, in a way, to a player with James more than any other player, than when they were on the team.
4 weeks ago via ESPN
This is all impressive but what is perhaps even more impressive is that one time while filming a commercial Olajuwon ate 100 Chicken McNuggets. Olajuwon was filming a McDonald’s commercial wherein the premise required him to slam dunk Chicken McNuggets into his mouth. For unknown reasons, it took a while to get the commercial exactly right, leading to a taping that took five hours and over 100 takes. Most people would dunk the McNugget into their mouth and then spit it out. Not Olajuwon, who ate every single McNugget he popped into his mouth.