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Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes
Position: F
Born: 05/30/92
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $22,116,750
Q: Is Harrison Barnes better than you thought he’d be? Mark Cuban: Yes. Much better because he’s ready to take the moment and that’s what stars do. When the momentum is on the other side and someone has to take the big shot to break that momentum, it’s Harrison. The first couple of games he was feeling his way. Once Dirk sat down he just grabbed that and that’s saying a lot. A lot of guys shy away from that.
Nowitzki, 38, is nearing the twilight of his career. Cuban knows he’ll need to find a new face of the franchise to carry Dallas for the future. “That happens to every franchise,” Cuban said. “Father Time is undefeated and we’ll have to deal with it. I think Harrison [Barnes] is showing a lot of signs that he can be that person. Not to try to put too much pressure on him, but it’s a job he wants and he’s willing to work for it. Hopefully, we’ll be able to add other pieces that are on the same plane.”
It’s clear that the 24-year-old was ready for more than being the Warriors’ fourth option. More up for debate is whether he’s a franchise player or merely a building block. As one veteran scout told SN, “Nowitzki is going to the Hall of Fame, and Barnes shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath with him. It’s not even clear Barnes is a prime option on a contender. Is he a No. 1, No. 2 or No. 3 option? All we know is that on Golden State he was a complimentary player. He was a very good role player, but not a go-to guy. When you break down his skills, it’s hard to say he’s truly elite in any of them. He’s a decent shooter, a pretty good rebounder, an adequate scorer, a good defender, and nothing special as a passer. So where’s the greatness?”
Nowitzki said Barnes can step into his shoes when the 38-year-old retires. “He has the complete package,” Nowitzki told SN. “I’ve worked out with him a couple of times after practices, and he’s got every shot in the book. And he’s looked like a franchise player here the last few weeks. He’s shown us moves that are very impressive, not only shooting the ball, but driving the ball, both ways. He’s got left(-hand) hooks and left runners. He’s shown strong post moves. He’s athletic. He’s a hard worker. He wants to win. So I think the sky is the limit for him.”