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Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes
Position: F
Born: 05/30/92
Height: 6-8 / 2.03
Weight:214 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $22,116,750
“I think it could be quite different,” Carlisle said in a recent interview with 103.3 FM ESPN. “You know, at this point, I don’t know that for sure. We’ll have to see. We’re more physical. You know, Parsons was a guy that is a different kind of player than Barnes, and Parsons was a very good ball-handler and playmaker. You know, I think Barnes can develop into a playmaker, but that has not been his DNA and that has not been what’s been asked of him in Golden State. What I found spending five days in the gym working out with him is that he’s a better ball-handler than most of us would expect, but we’re going to have to ease him into those situations and just kind of go from there.”
How has technology within basketball changed even since your rookie year in the NBA and perhaps even further back to North Carolina? Harrison Barnes: The biggest change I’ve seen is that the NBA has become a data-driven sport. Back in college, we watched highlight reels but in the NBA, teams are looking to measure and optimize every aspect of the game. Technology plays a big role here with motion sensors and other tools. That’s why my Fitbit is such a useful tool for me. I’m able to track things like active minutes and how well I’ve slept. Getting consistent sleep is a big area of focus for me with our busy schedules and my Fitbit shows me how long and how well I’ve slept every night which has an impact on my training and my performance on the court.
Matt Mosley: Mark, why did you essentially pick Harrison Barnes over Chandler Parsons? Parsons ends up getting very similar, if not the same money, from Memphis. Y’all had a great relationship. I saw quotes recently [where] you said, ‘It continues to be a great relationship.’ Did it simply come down to the knee, the medical, as comparing Barnes to Parsons or do you just feel like maybe Barnes has more upside? Mark Cuban: Can’t go into any details, but I’ll just say it wasn’t a basketball issue. Chandler obviously is a very, very skilled player. There’s a lot of great things to his game. But he’s, in essence, a different player from Harrison. Harrison is longer, more athletic, younger. Just like Chandler really didn’t get a chance to have his game blossom when he was with the Rockets. He just showed glimpses of it because of Dwight [Howard] and James [Harden] being there. I think Harrison was kind of in the same role. I think we’re going to give Harrison the opportunity and I know he’s excited about the opportunity to really shine and be a featured guy for us.