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Hassan Whiteside
Hassan Whiteside
Position: C
Born: 06/13/89
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:265 lbs. / 120.2 kg.
Salary: $23,775,506
First, let’s make this clear: Heat center Hassan Whiteside wasn’t complaining about the significant reduction in his playing time this season. But when asked how he’s dealing with it, Whiteside also made this very clear: It’s frustrating. And he hopes that it changes at some point during his Heat tenure, with more minutes alongside Bam Adebayo one potential solution that appeals to him. “It’s tough; I mean it’s tough,” he said last week when asked how he has dealt with his average minutes per game dropping from 32.6 last year to 25.7 this season. But Whiteside also said that front office decisions created this situation. “That’s what the GM wanted,” he said. “Pat Riley drafted a center [Bam Adebayo]. Kelly Olynyk, they gave him a big contract. That’s what they wanted – they wanted more people in the frontcourt. That’s what the Heat wanted.”
Spoelstra recently has shown an inclination to playing Whiteside and Adebayo together more, with both players embracing that lineup. Does that pairing need to work long term in order for there to be enough minutes for both talents? “It would definitely be helpful, because I would definitely play more minutes,” Whiteside said. “We’ve just got to decide. I think it could definitely work.”
Storyline: Whiteside-Spoelstra Dynamic
When Dwyane Wade left the Miami Heat for the Chicago Bulls in the summer of 2016, Hassan Whiteside was shocked. After Wade was traded back to the Heat from the Cavaliers on Thursday, Whiteside was once again shocked. The Heat center found out that day while he was talking to reporters. He had a hilarious reaction and thought they were joking.

Nobody is untouchable on this roster at this point other than Josh Richardson, and that is only because he cannot be moved until the summer because of his contract. But it would take an overwhelming offer for the Heat to move Richardson and Bam Adebayo. Still, should the Heat be focused on improving for the next two months so they can possibly, maybe, win a playoff round or even two? Or should Riley be looking beyond this season, figure out a way to gain flexibility and be looking to shed Miami’s two most prohibitive contracts in 2018-19; the $25.4 million owed Hassan Whiteside and the $19.2 million due Tyler Johnson.