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Henry Walker
Henry Walker
Position: None
Born: 10/09/87
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
“There are not too many people I know from that area whose fathers had been in their lives, so that was a common bond we all had growing up,” Walker said. “All raised by their mothers, bleak situation. An environment with a lot of violence, a lot of drug dealing, a lot of people without a positive mind-set because they feel like they don’t have any options. Then you have people clawing to get out. It makes for a bad environment. “Down the street from me was a 24-hour dope house. You would have junkies, dealers. It was an everyday thing. These people were my neighbors. I didn’t realize how crazy it was until I got out and see how other people live.”
When he played his final game for the Celtics in April 2012, he had no idea it would take two years and 10 months to make it back to the NBA, his return coming last month when the Heat signed him to two 10-day contracts, and eventually for the rest of this season, with a team option for 2015-16. “I had to understand it wasn’t about basketball for me,” he said. “It was the mental aspect, my preparation, how seriously I took my job, how I treated people. My coach at Kansas State, Frank Martin, used to tell me you can be a tough guy without being an [expletive] to people. That’s something I had to take to heart. “When he told me that at 17, 18, I had no clue what he was talking about. Now as you get older, I’m thankful for those talks with Frank. It finally started to click for me.”
Walker, 18 at the time and now 27, was playing in an AAU tournament when his cousin Edrick called and asked if he wanted to attend Edrick’s 18th birthday party that night, about 45 minutes away. Walker declined because he thought basketball needed to be the priority that day. The next morning, Walker learned Edrick, a friend and two others were killed overnight in a quadruple homicide on the streets of Huntington. “It was a sign that basketball saved my life,” Walker said. “I think about it every day. Just looking at my daughter, I think this wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been playing basketball.”