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Jackson Vroman
Jackson Vroman
Position: None
Born: 06/06/81
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
There were signs of drug and alcohol use at former Iowa State standout Jackson Vroman’s Los Angeles-area residence after he drowned in his pool, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s department said. Vroman, 34, was found by roommates in a pool at their house on June 29. Coroner office spokesman Craig Harvey said Wednesday that, according to his roommates’ statements, Vroman and the roommates stayed up late “partying” and consumed alcohol.
And he was one of the first Americans to play in Iran, where, dismayed that the underground alcohol scene did not include Patron, he persuaded a dealer to import 50 bottles of his favored tequila at $130. Patron is now a Tehran staple, he wrote on HoopsHype. But Vroman found China — the best money — dull. People gawked at him. He couldn’t communicate. He’d Skype his many friends from his hotel room, thinking more and more about how he’d spend his offseason in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the Spanish resort island Ibiza.
Brett never fully understood how his son was able to pull it off. How was it that when they went to a packed comedy club, staff immediately cleared out a packed center table while the emcee announced, “Jackson Vroman’s in the house”? He tried to get some answers when he attended a private, invitation-only memorial service in Beverly Hills and a much larger gathering at which 300 doves were released and people watched a video about Vroman on a large outdoor screen. “It was interesting to get different opinions,” he said. “They said he just had a real unique ability to bring people together and make them feel included, but even when they say that, I don’t know exactly what that means.”