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Jae Crowder
Jae Crowder
Position: F
Born: 07/06/90
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:235 lbs. / 106.6 kg.
Salary: $6,796,117
Both Celtics were asked about the future — always a tough call when Danny Ainge is preparing another offseason plan — and didn’t attempt to gloss over reality. “You never know how it might be out here,” said Thomas. “You never know, it’s just the business of the game. We don’t got no Michael Jordan in here. So anybody’s name can be in rumors. Anybody can be gone. But hopefully I can be here.” Still, Crowder felt compelled to follow up on that. “We hope to stay,” he said. “I hope to stay and I hope he does, too. We’ll see how it goes.”
No amount of visualization could have prepared Crowder for the emotional meeting with Adams. During early practices, Crowder had “gone against the grain” too often. He wasn’t receiving all of Adams’ coaching the right way or submitting to the team concept. The coach told his best player he was ready to move on with or without him. “That’s when I really had a realization: I can’t go back home,” Crowder remembered. “I can’t go back and be nothing, and just waste this time, and waste all the hard work I put in to get to the point I was at. I couldn’t let that go down. I couldn’t let my mom down. I couldn’t let my dad down. It hit me that I had to really buy into what he was saying. I had to buy into being a better player and being able to be coached. I think at that point, I realized that he had my best interest at heart. He wanted to help me get to the next level. I just had a realization within myself. I couldn’t turn around at that point.”
“I was the National Juco Player of the Year,” Crowder said, “so I thought I was a big shot.” “I think when he got there, he thought, ‘Hey, this is going to be light,'” said Chicago Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler, Crowder’s Marquette teammate for one year. “Not with Buzz. Buzz don’t give a damn what your previous accolades were. You’re going to be treated like everybody else. You’re going to be treated like you were no good at basketball.” Crowder got into shoving matches. He cussed out teammates. He argued with coaches. “Anything you could think of,” he said, “I was doing it. All the knucklehead stuff.” The outbursts weren’t occasional, either.
“When he got there he thought he was going to come in and do whatever he wanted,” Butler added. “And then he figured, ‘Yo, Buzz has a lot of guys that play hard, that are just like me.’ And then he realized, ‘I’m going to work on my game.’ When he got to Marquette and that mother—— started to work, that’s why he went from being National Juco Player of the Year to Big East Player of the Year. That mother—— worked.”