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Jamal Crawford
Jamal Crawford
Position: G
Born: 03/20/80
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
Salary: $5,675,000
Jamal Crawford: And basically, Kobe’s done that for every single shot in basketball. He’s thought about every different angle on the court. He’s mastered his arsenal to where he has two counters to everything. Sometimes three. With his footwork, he can get any shot he wants. Some people do it off the dribble, Kobe’s doing it with his feet. He’s doing it at closer range to the basket. He’s doing it with his back towards you. Then he’s fading away with that footwork. He’s stepping around you, or putting you in a position where you’re hopping in the air. It’s kind of like Olajuwon. He had the Dream Shake.
Jamal Crawford: There’s a quirkiness to Dirk’s game. It’s definitely unique. He relies on skills, not speed or athleticism. Dirk knows how to work angles and put you in bad positions where he can get shots. He has angles where it looks like he’s shooting from the hip or shooting with a double fadeaway. He’s seven feet, shooting off one leg and fading away, so you’ll never block the shot. He doesn’t even see you.
With a four-second difference between the shot clock and game clock, Clipper forward Paul Pierce missed a 3-pointer. Jamal Crawford offensively rebounded the ball, but – in danger of falling out of bounds – threw it past halfcourt. J.J. Redick touched the ball for a backcourt violation. But when did he touch it? After conferring, officials put 2.1 seconds on the clock for the Pacers’ final possession. They should have gotten more. NBA’s Last Two Minute Report: Crawford (LAC) controls the ball and throws it into the backcourt. A violation is correctly called, however the clock should have been reset to 00:02.7.