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James Harden
James Harden
Position: G
Born: 08/26/89
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Salary: $15,719,062
A veteran scout who’s seen the Rockets multiple times already this season characterized Harden’s defense as “very indifferent,” and that Harden’s offense hasn’t been near good enough to make up for it. While the scout didn’t have first-hand knowledge about the Rockets players’ happiness or unhappiness with Harden, he said Harden “only passes when he has to — I would not like playing with him or Dwight unless I was a Steve Novak or someone who just stood in the corner and got open threes.”
“Harden will pick up his defense. … He’s been told just that,” Alexander said. Bickerstaff got his first answer right Wednesday. He issued the same words as his boss, acknowledging the asset Harden has been allergic to must return to the Toyota Center starting now. “There’s no doubt about it. … As a superstar player, there’s a bigger burden on you to be the guy on both ends of the floor,” said Bickerstaff, who was the Rockets’ defensive specialist under McHale.
While players tried to keep details of the meeting private, two themes emerged, three people told USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the situation. Harden’s play and aloofness have frustrated teammates, and McHale took the brunt of the blame for the team’s play. Practices were not resulting in improved play in games. A day after the players-only meeting, the Rockets dismissed McHale, a sign that management believed McHale could no longer reach the team. Rockets owner Les Alexander was not thrilled with the team’s uninspired 0-3 start. Four consecutive wins tempered the anxiety, but Friday’s road loss against Denver, the second of four consecutive defeats, made Alexander even more impatient.
And not to get all trendy-buzzy-social-conversation-y on you, but there is one thing different about Harden this season that celebrity gossip conspiracy theorists will surely seize upon: his dating choices. “The person they should fire,” the coaching source said, “is Khloe Kardashian.” Hey, Khloe isn’t the one shooting 37 percent from the field and 26 percent from 3-point range — and she probably could play better defense than her boyfriend is right now.