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James White
James White
Position: None
Born: 11/21/82
Height: 6-7 / 2.01
Weight:194 lbs. / 88.4 kg.
The American forward will be free agent this summer but he did not rule out a return to Reggio Emilia in an interview with Prima Pagina. “It is too early to talk about the future. The summer is long. I can say that staying in Reggio Emilia is one of my options. My first target is to return to the NBA. I will check all my options. As of now, I want to enjoy my summer and work to be ready for next season” said White. “I enjoyed a lot playing for Reggio Emilia this season” added The Flight.
But James wanted to show his stuff. Since he jumps off of one foot, we put a yardstick off of the side of the top of the backboard. Not exactly the same thing as touching the top of the backboard, but one step at a time. If he couldn’t get the yardstick, then there’d be no reason to go further. There was no reason to go further. James was close. Damn close. But his best jump left him more than 2 inches from the yardstick. Okay, maybe I was being pessimistic when I said there was no reason to go further. There had been rumors of a “busted nut” (is that part of the knee or something?) that took place an hour before the jump, slowing James down, so a month later we tried again, this time after practice with the Spurs in San Antonio.
This sounded promising. He called James and quickly got back to me. “James said he’s for sure done it. Now, he might only be able to do it one out of one hundred times, but he said he’d give it a shot if you want to send a camera crew.” White arrived at the court at the University of Cincinnati ready to fly, but first he wanted to clarify something about his top-of-the-backboard exploits. “I’ve never actually done it, per se. But doing the vertical test at the University of Cincinnati, I’ve touched as high as the top of the backboard.”