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Jarron Collins
Jarron Collins
Position: None
Born: 12/02/78
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:252 lbs. / 114.3 kg.
“Anything that you do in a game that is slightly embarrassing or lives on the Internet, we will show it to the guys and find humor in it,” Warriors player development coach Jarron Collins said. “It just speaks to Steve’s sense of humor and the levity he wants to create around here. A lot of Steve’s humor is self-deprecating and it filters throughout the entire team to where we all are forced to make fun of ourselves.”
Q : When you put your staff together, did you have a dynamic that you wanted to get, and has it met that expectation? Steve Kerr: Yeah. I wanted experience on either side of me. And then I wanted this, right here, what you’re seeing. I wanted guys like Luke or Jarron who had just finished playing, who could get out on the floor and be more physical with the players. This is really important. Luke and Jarron, any time we have injuries like we have today–McAdoo rolled his ankle, so he can’t scrimmage. For those guys to jump into a 3 on 3 is huge. For them to be able to go to one of our players and say, ‘When I guarded Dwight Howard, this is how I approached it.’ You need some hands-on experience from guys who have actually done it. But I also needed the wisdom of experience that Ron and Alvin bring.
Collins, 36, had connections with the Warriors before he was hired last summer. He was on the Suns when Steve Kerr was the general manager and Alvin Gentry was the head coach. He landed in Phoenix thanks to his agent at the time, Bob Myers, now the Warriors’ general manager. Kerr wanted him as a younger complement to defensive guru Ron Adams. “He’s incredibly professional and bright,” Kerr said. “You want bigs who are defensive-minded on your team because so much of NBA defense revolves around your bigs helping and scheming. Jarron made a whole career out of that.”