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“Novak is a guy we thought was going to help in that department,” Kidd said. “Hopefully we can re-sign him. We liked what he did briefly on the floor, but we also enjoyed what he did for us off the floor, even being hurt. That’s what a vet does. We would all love to have him back. That kind of threat is what we need as a team to have any kind of success.”
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That optimism extended to the team and the role of coach Jason Kidd, who will be entering the final year of his three-year, $15 million contract next season. “There’s no question, from our standpoint the team underperformed this year,” Edens said. “But in terms of the development of the team, you couldn’t be more optimistic about it. “We’ve said from the outset, our goal is not to be a contender. Our goal is to win a championship. Period. I said when we first addressed our business group, ‘If there’s anybody in the group that doesn’t think winning a championship is a reasonable thing, you should just leave the organization.’ “That’s not consistent with how we view it. And that hasn’t changed one bit.”
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