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Jason Richardson
Jason Richardson
Position: None
Born: 01/20/81
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:225 lbs. / 102.1 kg.
Much like the Warriors who wound up winning the title in 2015, the ’07 squad found solidarity in that they were all rejects of sorts. “I liked to call us all delinquents,” Richardson says. “Jack had his situation in Indiana. Everybody thought Al was done. Everybody thought I got numbers on a bad team. Everybody thought Baron was done. Matt Barnes was a journeyman. Our personalities meshed together. We all respected each other. We all had each other’s backs.”
Q. You’re 18th in three-points made in NBA history and Stephen Curry is just 15 threes away from surpassing you. Can he do it in the first game of the season? Jason Richardson: “[Laughs] Yeah. If he doesn’t do it in the first game he’ll do it in the second. When it’s all said and done, if he can stay healthy, he’ll probably be the greatest shooter of all time. In my mind Ray Allen is still the greatest shooter but the way Steph is shooting the ball he’ll end up the first on three-points made and he’ll probably go down as the greatest shooter in NBA history.”
Jason Richardson on three-point shooting relevance in today’s NBA: “I wish I was playing right now, it would be a lot easier for me [laughs]. And a lot of more money too… I think the game has turned into a pretty much shooting game. If you can shoot the ball you can have a job in the NBA. It’s positionless basketball where there’s no guys that really play center, there’s no guys that really play point guard. Everybody can play point guard. If you look at Golden State, one through five they can bring up the ball now. Draymond Green can play some at the five position but can also be a point guard. It’s just the way the game expands.”
Jason Richardson on being one of the great dunkers in All-Star history: “I think my name is in there. I did some dunks that few had ever seen, I kind of brought the dunk contest back. I feel that because of the dunks I did and what I brought to the dunk contest, I’ll probably be remembered with those guys like Michael Jordan and Vince Carter, you know even Aaron Gordon and those guys that are being considered great dunkers also.”