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Jason Smith
Jason Smith
Position: C
Born: 03/02/86
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:220 lbs. / 99.8 kg.
Knicks team president Phil Jackson will have $27 million in cap space on July 1 and may be willing to save a trifle of it for 7-foot free-agent center Jason Smith. According to a source, Jackson would love to have Smith back as the backup center — a sweet-shooting big man for the triangle. Jackson realizes it may not be possible if Smith gets offered significantly more than the $1.4 million veteran’s minimum.
Smith has elevated his play noticeably since Jan. 1. The former Colorado State star, who grew up an hour from Pepsi Arena, is moving better on defense and hits the mid-range jumper in Jackson’s triangle. “I love New York,’’ Smith said before the Knicks were dominated by the Nuggets, 106-78 on Monday. “I like the triangle offense. I wouldn’t have a problem coming back to New York. I think it’s a great market, great basketball organization. Phil’s got the team moving in the right direction. It’s tough to say that now because he’s trying to change the culture.’’
Most take place in the video room at the team’s training facility; a few have taken place on the practice court and at least one has been in the locker room at Madison Square Garden. All are led by an instructor hired by Jackson. “It’s very basic stuff that you really don’t think about much in your daily life,” Jason Smith says. “…. You try to focus on the well-being of your body and taking care of your body and doing the right things.” Mindfulness is a form of meditation that stresses the importance of staying in the moment. It’s most closely associated with Eastern religions. Jackson’s affinity for the practice is one of the reasons he’s commonly known as the “Zen Master.”