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Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson
Position: None
Born: 07/21/86
Height: 6-11 / 2.11
Weight:250 lbs. / 113.4 kg.
Salary: $6,825,000
Jason Thompson: “It’s definitely been a transition to be with one organization for seven years, then going to Golden State until mid-season, then going to another team. Plus, I went back home to work out in Philly and New Jersey before signing with the Raptors. That’s just how this business works. The fit just wasn’t right in Golden State. I am a guy who’s used to playing, and it’s tough to crack the rotation of a team that’s coming off of a Championship when the fit wasn’t right and a new coach was starting the season. The best thing for me was to make the decision I just made. And I feel really good about it.”
Jason Thompson: “Well, my passport is about to have a lot more Canada stamps in it, and I’m excited about that. I’ve only been in Toronto for 72 hours, but the transition is going smoothly so far…and that can only lead to positive things. While landing in Canada feels different, I know that once I get my feet wet, things will get easier. To be honest, I don’t think it’s that drastic of a change. Yes it’s another country, but this is a top-notch organization, and they are very accustomed to helping players navigate customs, work permits, etc. The team guides you through the process so that you can focus your attention on what’s happening on the court, instead of worrying about the off-court stuff.”
Jason Thompson: “This is also an established team that’s doing very well, so I’m just trying to come in here and add depth to a great roster. James Johnson and Patrick Patterson were both traded from Sac to Toronto, and they told me that this organization and the guys here are great. I’ve kept in contact with them throughout the last couple years, so it’s good to see them and wear the same uniform again. I also already knew Kyle Lowry, who’s a Philly guy, and Coach Kalamian, who was an assistant in Sacramento my first couple years. Plus I am keeping my college number – #1 – which I also had in Golden State. I’m glad to carry that through with me to Toronto. The organization brought me in with open arms and continues to make the situation as comfortable as possible for me. I appreciate that.”