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Jason Williams
Jason Williams
Position: None
Born: 11/18/75
Height: 6-1 / 1.85
Weight:190 lbs. / 86.2 kg.
“I mean, I apologize to that kid, because I was once one of those kids,” he said. “I remember once when the Seattle Sonics played the Sacramento Kings, and I went to see Jason Williams. He couldn’t play because he had a migraine.” The experience stuck well enough that when Thomas was drafted by Sacramento, he just had to know. “Once I got drafted to the Kings, I asked the trainer — and he said yes, he really had migraines and he couldn’t play when he had it,” he said. “So I understand that. But what I was telling him was, just tell your kid why I’m not there. Don’t act like I’m not showing up because I’m resting. That’s what made me upset.”
Despite his highlight-reel play, the 41 year old was always considered a coach on the court, which is what prompted Kevin Garnett to ask Williams about possible teaching ambitions. Williams batted this line of questioning away for a simple reason: He enjoys golf too much. “I’m too irresponsible to be the head guy,” Williams said. “Like, if I have to be there at 3 o’clock tomorrow and someone asks me to go play golf at Augusta, I gotta go to Augusta.”
Talent committed to the BIG3 include: Allen Iverson, Chauncey Billups, Gary Payton, Kenyon Martin, Stephen Jackson, Jermaine O’Neal, Rashard Lewis, Jason Williams, Bonzi Wells, Mike Bibby, George “The Iceman” Gervin, Ricky Davis, Al Harrington, Rick Barry, Rick Mahorn, Clyde Drexler, Kenny Anderson, Jamario Moon, Smush Parker, Ruben Patterson and Etan Thomas. Payton, Gervin, Barry, Mahorn and Drexler will serve as coaches, with Iverson serving as a player/coach – the rest are confirmed to play.
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