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JaVale McGee
Position: C
Born: 01/19/88
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:237 lbs. / 107.5 kg.
Salary: $1,403,611
Q: Do you think JaVale McGee have a shot at making this team? Steve Kerr: I do. I think JaVale has a real chance here. We’ll see how he plays in camp. But he comes highly recommended by Andre, who played with him in Denver. I think this is a really good opportunity for him, because he’s playing with a talented group of players and a really good environment… in which there’s nobody like him on the roster. I think he’s got a chance and we’ll give him every opportunity to play.
The Golden State Warriors will hold their 2016 Training Camp, fueled by Gatorade, at the team’s Practice Facility in Downtown Oakland beginning Tuesday, September 27, it was announced today. The team also announced the signing of free agent center JaVale McGee, free agent forward Elgin Cook, and free agent guards Cameron Jones, Phil Pressey and Elliot Williams. The team’s roster currently stands at 19 players.
Storyline: Elliot Williams Free Agency
He said Razumov and Prokhorov are much more knowledgeable about NBA players than they were when they took over five years ago. Razumov will text him about specific players. He texted about JaVale McGee and when Billy told him no interest, he responded that he figured as much. Billy added that Razumov will often play with the ESPN Trade Machine and call with suggestions. He said Razumov recently asked about getting a young player on the Rockets, that he appeared to be just what were looking for. Billy said he agreed with the assessment that the player fit well, but that Houston wouldn’t trade him.
U&M: I want to get into your writing process a little bit — from the point you decide on a story, what’s the standard time duration you need/want for research, gathering quotes/stories and ultimately writing the piece? Jenkins: It really depends. How much do I get from the primary subject? That really tells the story. If you have someone like Kobe or LeBron it helps because they are excellent historians regarding the game and their own careers. Once I did a story on JaVale McGee and that was different. He was in the media and getting killed for doing all these stupid things so I wanted to know: who is this guy? We set up the interview and it was the most painful interview I’ve ever done. It was maybe three minutes long. He said maybe 1-2 words for every answer, so sometimes the primary subject doesn’t give the story. His Mother was incredible however. I talked to her for maybe 1-2 hours and she made the story. So, you have to find that strong voice. I don’t care much about quotes — I want the story. Start with a broad canvas and narrow it down as you go.