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JaVale McGee
JaVale McGee
Position: C
Born: 01/19/88
Height: 7-0 / 2.13
Weight:237 lbs. / 107.5 kg.
Salary: $1,403,611
To get back at Draymond Green for constantly posting pictures of napping teammates to social media, McGee ordered 15 blankets that feature an enormous picture of Green’s sleeping face. Late Wednesday night, during the team flight to Los Angeles, McGee handed the present to each Warriors player. Video of the exchange soon went viral. “When you’re winning, you can do things and people don’t think, ‘Oh, he’s not serious,’” McGee said. “If I had done that and we had a losing record, people would be like, ‘Oh, look at this guy. He’s a cancer to the team.’”