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Michael Beasley apparently couldn’t score enough buckets to ensure a permanent spot in the rotation once Tim Hardaway Jr. is back to full minutes. Hardaway is questionable for the Knicks’ game Friday against the Timberwolves, but will play limited minutes if he does. Hornacek said once Hardaway is back fully, Beasley will go back to his sporadic playing time, sharing the backup forward role in a platoon with defensive specialist Lance Thomas.
“If I play, I play, if I don’t, I don’t,’’ said Beasley, who was with the Wolves from 2010-2012. “Same tune. Same song. Honestly no, [I’m not surprised]. I’m used to it at this point. Doing what the team needs. Doing what the team asks. If they don’t ask for anything, then I don’t do anything. I enjoy playing basketball. I’m used to dramatic change and ups and down. If something happens where I don’t play anymore, I can’t cry about it. I got to look forward to tomorrow. At this point God has granted me the serenity. I’m OK with what doesn’t happen.’’
Jeff Hornacek thinks things will improve for Kristaps Porzingis once he gets his wingman, Tim Hardaway Jr., back. After his MVP-like start, the 7-foot-3 Latvian has been in a downward spiral since early December, creating “a burden’’ on Porzingis, according to Hornacek. In excerpts obtained by The Post from the “Jeff Hornacek Experience” to be aired Friday night on MSG Network, Hornacek hopes Porzingis will get back to October/November form. Hardaway has missed the last 20 games and Porzingis has shot 39.9 percent in that span. For the season, Porzingis’ percentage has dropped to 43.5 percent.
Without Hardaway, opponents have thrown the occasional double team at Porzingis with and more teams are going to a trend of putting a physical guard on him – something that seems to work. Hornacek feels Porzingis has to be smarter when sensing the extra defender is coming. “They tried that earlier in the season (with a guard) and KP kinda took care of that pretty quickly and got off to a great start,’’ Hornacek said on his coach’s show. “Just some little techniques he’s working on in practice. Some of that is sometimes they can load up and put the small guy and get into his legs. They’re coming to double team him occasionally when he puts the ball on the ground. And those are things we practice, trying to get him to get that feel of when he’s getting trapped to just kick it out. He had a nice one the other night (in Dallas), he kicked it out to Courtney Lee for 3. And when we start doing that it’s gonna get easier on him.’’