Jeff Hornacek Rumors

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“We want to try to establish an identity. The identity has to become defense first,” Hornacek said. “We have to also try to develop a mentality for them, that desire to get a stop. It’s not, ‘OK, he scored that time, I’ll guard him next time.’ You should be embarrassed. You should feel, ‘That guy can’t score on me.’ That’s the mentality you have every time you’re guarding the guy with the ball.”
A league source said Perry would let Hornacek run whatever offense he wants, and he wouldn’t meddle. In many of the interviews Perry has given recently, he speaks about having no agendas and the importance of having good relationships with people. “You chuck all individual agendas and leave them at the door when you come into the office,” Perry said in an interview with the, the Sacramento Kings website, in May. “Once you come into this office, we’re working together, it’s always fun.
Jeff Hornacek wouldn’t speak about specific free agents, but he agreed that the Knicks could use a veteran point guard. “That could always help,” Jeff Hornacek said. “We’ll take a look at that. If there’s somebody who’s going to help in his development that way, that’s what we’ll consider. I think he’s a kid that will take any challenge that we give. We’ll see how it goes.”