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Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin
Position: G
Born: 08/23/88
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:199 lbs. / 90.7 kg.
Salary: $11,483,254
Despite Linsanity happening years ago, Jeremy Lin is still one of the most popular NBA players internationally. Lin is also quite proud of his Taiwanese and Chinese heritage and often goes to various countries in Asia during the summer to directly engage with his fans. And it also it seems like, to star in Taiwanese music videos. Making a brief cameo in Taiwanese pop star’s Jay Chou’s newest music video, Lin basically hangs out with the singer throughout the entire song, which is apparently about ice cream.
Yormark also hinted that the Nets could once again travel to China next fall for preseason. On Linsanity, Yormark shied away from the phenomenon that made Lin famous four years ago… “We’re not looking to replicating Linsanity. I think what you have to do based on his arrival in Brooklyn, let whatever’s going to happen, happen organically. We’ll let the fans dictate that. Jeremy came here because he’s going to be a starter for the Brooklyn Nets. He’s focused on helping us create a new culture and the next chapter in the Brooklyn Nets history. And I think that’s what we’re focused on. We’re not necessarily focused on Linsanity or anything like that.”