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Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin
Position: G
Born: 08/23/88
Height: 6-3 / 1.91
Weight:199 lbs. / 90.7 kg.
Salary: $11,483,254
Lin did not identify the teammates or their teams, but said the Nets top priority this summer should be free agents. According to the translation, Lin said the attraction to the Nets, who did have the league’s worst record, is that the Nets enjoy playing together, enjoy playing for Kenny Atkinson, and enjoying playing in the culture the Nets have created.
In a podcast released Thursday, the Brooklyn Nets guard, who is Asian-American, said he heard more taunts playing in college than he hears in the NBA. One of the examples he used was in a game at Vermont. “In Vermont, I remember at one point, I had my hands up with the Vermont player was shooting free throws and the coach was like, ‘Hey ref you can’t let that Oriental do that,” Lin said. The game in which Lin is referring took place on December, 17th 2006, an 84-76 Harvard win in overtime. It was during Lin’s Freshman season.
2 weeks ago via WCAX
Mike Lonergan was in his second season as head coach at Vermont that year. He released a statement late Thursday night to WCAX Sports. “I have great respect for Jeremy Lin and was very sad to read that he thought ‘the Vermont coach’ referred to him as ‘the oriental’ to the referees during a game at Patrick Gym in 2006,” Lonergan said. “I don’t know if he thought I said that but I can assure him that it wasn’t me. I have NEVER used the word ‘oriental’ when describing a person. Jeremy was a freshman averaging 4 points a game and not a household name yet, so I may have told the ref to stop letting the ‘Asian player’ distract our free throw shooter. I have recruited numerous Asian and Asian-American players including Yuta Watanabe and Four McGlynn and these student athletes and their families know me well and know how much I value diversity and inclusion on my teams and staff. They know I would never refer to a player of Asian descent as ‘oriental’. I apologize for any racism Jeremy experienced during his college career but I am not aware of anyone in Patrick Gymnasium
2 weeks ago via WCAX
As an Asian American point guard who played at Harvard before finding sustained success in the NBA, Jeremy Lin has enjoyed a fairly unique basketball journey. Less enjoyable were the preconceived notions he had to overcome in the pros, but, he said recently, his most upsetting treatment came while playing in college. “The worst was at Cornell, when I was being called a c—k,” Lin told Nets teammate Randy Foye on the latter’s podcast (via ESPN). “That’s when it happened. I don’t know … that game, I ended up playing terrible and getting a couple of charges and doing real out-of-character stuff.”
“I didn’t say anything, because when that stuff happens, I kind of just, I go and bottle up — where I go into turtle mode and don’t say anything and just internalize everything,” Lin added. A Southern California native and son of Taiwanese immigrants, he went on to cite other incidents of racist treatment, such as at a game at the University of Vermont. “I remember, because I had my hands up while the Vermont player was shooting free throws — their coach was like, ‘Hey ref! You can’t let that Oriental do that!’ I was like, what is going on here?” Lin said. “I have been called a c—k by players in front of the refs; the refs heard it, because they were yelling it [like,] ‘Yeah, get that out, c—k!’ And the ref heard it, looked at both of us and didn’t do anything.”