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Joe Harris
Joe Harris
Position: G
Born: 09/06/91
Height: 6-6 / 1.98
Weight:215 lbs. / 97.5 kg.
Salary: $1,524,305
While there’s still a bit more of the regular season left, and free agency still several months away, it’s something Harris has already thought about. If all goes well, Brooklyn is a place he can see himself staying long-term. “Yeah, it’s one of those things that I’ll worry about that sort of decision when the time comes. But I have really enjoyed my time in Brooklyn,” Harris told Basketball Insiders. “It’s a great organization with a lot of good people, and they try and do stuff the right way. I enjoy being a part of that and trying to kind of rebuild and set a good foundation for where the future of the Brooklyn Nets is.”
Storyline: Joe Harris Free Agency
At the end of their podcast on the upcoming trade season, Zach Lowe asked Adrian Wojnarowski about teams he’ll be interested in watching at Thursday’s deadline approaches. Without suggesting any trade machine fodder, Woj reiterated what most pundits have been saying, the Nets could do some profit-taking on their development of “second chance guys.” He identified Joe Harris and Spencer Dinwiddie who have the most value, along with DeMarre Carroll, but he also said he thought the ceiling for Harris was “maybe a second (rounder)” and that the Nets would have to consider moving Dinwiddie if another offers a first rounder.
Adrian Wojnarowski: “Brooklyn will be interesting. They’ve done a great job of developing some of these second chance guys in the league –Spencer Dinwiddie, Joe Harris. (…) DeMarre Carroll has value because there are so few guys at his position available around the league. DeMarre Carroll has value. So, I think Brooklyn wanted to show progress this year, wanted to win more games and they don’t have their pick, so there’s no real motivation for them to tank. They wanted to show progress and they’ve certainly done that but they’ve done a good job. “Maybe Joe Harris gets them a second. Spencer Dinwiddie has just been tremendous. They have him next year on a team option at a really low number. So you’re not giving up Spencer Dinwiddie without getting a LOT back. whoever they would draft –lets say they got a pick — would he be better than Spencer Dinwiddie? Probably not and so I think Brooklyn has put themselves in a position where they can keep gathering up some assets.”
Storyline: DeMarre Carroll Trade?
Question: What’s the biggest thing you’ve been proud of this season? Kenny Atkinson: Seeing guys improve…individually. Joe Harris, Spencer Dinwiddie…everybody. Caris LeVert is getting better, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson has made a huge jump. That’s when you get the trust is when those guys feel like [they are improving] when they come into work – that they are going to get better. I always joke with the guys if you didn’t get better today [in practice], I’ll give you a refund. Even DeMarre Carroll. He had some injuries in Toronto and it wasn’t perfect for him. He comes here [and gets better] – everyone always talks about development for the young guys – I want this to be a program where a guy comes here at 28 or 32 and is going to improve his game.
Do the Nets keep a 26-year-old poster child for their vaunted player development beyond the Feb. 8 deadline and risk losing him for nothing this summer? Or do they cash in on an increasingly valuable asset while they can? “It’s something I don’t really think about a whole lot, personally. It’s just the nature of the NBA, where you’ve just got to try to focus on what you can control,” Harris told The Post. “I’ve experienced the other side of it when I was in Cleveland. I got traded the same day I had surgery on my foot, so there’s definitely a business. “At the end of the day, you can’t really get caught up in worrying about all that stuff. It’ll drive you crazy for sure. You’ve just got to live with the ambiguity. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the league, and you just do your part and focus on what you can control.”