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John Lucas
John Lucas
Position: None
Born: 11/21/82
Height: 5-11 / 1.80
Weight:165 lbs. / 74.9 kg.
Months later, do you have any more insight into why DeAndre Jordan changed his mind? Ramone Shelburne: I don’t think he ever wanted to leave the Clippers. I think he just wanted to be wooed and the Mavericks did a hell of a job wooing him, while the Clippers kind of took him for granted. I’ll never forget John Lucas telling me about the way DeAndre came in to shoot a thousand free throws after he’d committed to the Mavs. Lucas has known him since high school and could tell right away something was off. Jordan should’ve been ecstatic with his new deal. Instead he seemed troubled. I think the more he thought on it over that fateful 72 hours when he was changing his mind, the more he realized he didn’t really want to be the “man” in Dallas. He just wanted the Clippers to treat him a little better and appreciate all the things he does.
There was another lost soul. Somebody falling and failing who needed to be saved. But this one was personal, and it went straight to the center of Lucas’ once-broken 61-year-old heart. Ty Lawson was a Rocket. He also was in rehab. And just like in 1986, when everything went bad and dark for Lucas in Houston, there was a talented but tormented point guard who needed to return meaning to his life. “You’ve got to get gut-level honest with yourself when you’re looking in that mirror late at night and say, ‘Do I have a problem?’ ” Lucas said Monday.