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John Lucas
John Lucas
Position: G
Born: 11/21/82
Height: 5-11 / 1.80
Weight:165 lbs. / 74.9 kg.
There was another lost soul. Somebody falling and failing who needed to be saved. But this one was personal, and it went straight to the center of Lucas’ once-broken 61-year-old heart. Ty Lawson was a Rocket. He also was in rehab. And just like in 1986, when everything went bad and dark for Lucas in Houston, there was a talented but tormented point guard who needed to return meaning to his life. “You’ve got to get gut-level honest with yourself when you’re looking in that mirror late at night and say, ‘Do I have a problem?’ ” Lucas said Monday.
via Houston Chronicle
There’s another John Lucas in the NBA today. He’s your son, he’s a guard for the Detroit Pistons. How often you get to see him play? John Lucas: I don’t go to any of his games. That’s his life. As a former coach, I don’t want to go because then I end up trying to be the coach. I just watch at home, then I can turn the TV off and then have no ownership in that game. Me and my wife can’t watch when he gets in the game, because I’m so angry because he only grew to be about 5-foot-10, so when he’s in the game people take advantage of him. He can’t do things — they post him up, so I look at her. If I’d have married somebody else — now I’m blaming her! I’m blaming her for his height. He’s got my last name on the back of his shirt. But I’m really, really proud of John. He’s been a ball boy ever since he was like 6-years-old. It’s always been a dream of his to play.
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