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Jon Barry
Jon Barry
Position: None
Born: 07/25/69
Height: 6-5 / 1.96
Weight:210 lbs. / 95.3 kg.
The formula for high-fives is not always simple. Having teammates who are horrible at free throws introduces its own set of challenges: Do you high-five the poor sap after yet another miss? Or do you just pretend it never happened? “If you know the person, you know whether he likes to be coddled or likes to be left alone,” said Jon Barry, an analyst for ABC and ESPN, who noted that he had played with his share of bricklayers over a 14-year career. “Maybe you don’t want to bring any more attention to their struggles than necessary.” Teammates did not have to worry about that fragile calculus with Barry, who made 84.8 percent of his free throws. At the line, Barry was a man of hard routine. He went to his spot and refused to budge between attempts.
Jon Barry, an analyst for ABC and ESPN, cited New York, Los Angeles and Miami as cities that are particularly popular among players. “People aren’t going to be going out in Milwaukee,” he said. While Barry said his night-life days were “long past” — his playing career ended in 2006 — he recalled trips to the China Club, a staple of New York’s club scene in the 1990s.
Q: Your return to TV will be primarily in a studio role this time as opposed to working games courtside. What are the challenges that poses for you? Doug Collins: In talking with ESPN and John Wildhack, they have such great game analysts. Jeff [Van Gundy] has really become one of the premier analysts in the game and you have Hubie [Brown] and Jon Barry and Doris [Burke]. So they tried to carve out a spot that would be beneficial for both parties. I’m going to do 10 ESPN Wednesday night games and then I’m going to do 10 ESPN Friday night studio shows and then I’ll do all nine national games [in the] ABC studio during the regular season. Then come playoff time I’ll do all studio. And then I’m going to do the draft and the World Championships.
ESPN NBA analyst Jon Barry thinks the key to Stevens’ success in Boston will come down to his relationship with Rajon Rondo, the team’s mercurial point guard who missed much of last season with a knee injury. “It certainly hasn’t turned out well for most recent college coaches who have made the jump to the NBA. We’ve seen one after another struggle,” Barry told USA TODAY Sports. “Boston is rebuilding, and it’s going to be a difficult transition. But they have a pretty good young group, and sometimes that has a lot to do with the hire. He’s probably going to get along well the players, and a lot of the players have been in college recently and know what Brad Stevens has done. “But the big question is how does Rajon Rondo feel. If he’s not on board, it can create problems all the way down.”
In the latest sign that Bill Simmons is the most powerful man at ESPN, the columnist and man behind Grantland will reportedly join ESPN’s NBA studio show this season. Simmons and former Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy would replace Chris Broussard and Jon Barry, according to Sports By Brooks. However, ESPN couldn’t confirm the report when contacted on Tuesday by FishbowlLA. “We are in the process of considering all assignments for both returning and potential new commentator roles. As we’ve said before, Stan is someone we’d be interested in exploring,” said ESPN spokesman Ben Cafardo. “For Bill, same applies, we’re exploring the best ways to utilize all of our talent, including Bill, this NBA season.”