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Jonas Jerebko
Jonas Jerebko
Position: F
Born: 03/02/87
Height: 6-10 / 2.08
Weight:231 lbs. / 104.8 kg.
Salary: $5,000,000
Jerebko seems perturbed that his NBA success, as the lone player in the league from Sweden, has gone unnoticed back home. During NBA All-Star Weekend, thousands of international media cover players from their countries. Jerebko said he hasn’t received much attention from Swedish media. “It’s an honor [to play in the NBA] but at the same time somebody has to show the Swedish kids that anybody can do it, no matter where you’re from,” he said. “Swedish people are very locked in to their sports. It’s tough for a sport to break through when the media is not really into it.”
Being a high school basketball player in a country where soccer, hockey, and outdoor winter sports rule was difficult for Jerebko. “It’s a small sport in Sweden but I played all kinds of sports,” he said. “Basketball is a growing sport everywhere, but in Sweden it seemed to be put on ice. You barely played basketball in school, it was soccer, hockey, handball, floorball. There’s sports that you don’t even know about that are bigger than basketball in Sweden.” What’s more, there are professional floorball leagues in Sweden. It is similar to field hockey but played indoors. “It’s laughable,” he said. “You have no idea but it’s bigger than basketball.”
It was Jerebko’s first free agent experience after five seasons with the Pistons. “Yeah, I was up,” Jerebko said of the clock striking midnight to begin free agency. “I got a few phone calls. It was like proof that you had a good year. I had other teams interested, but after talking to Danny [Ainge] and the way we worked stuff out, this is where I wanted to be and we worked it out. It was fun to have other teams interested but Boston was always the No. 1 landing spot that I was hoping for.”
Jonas Jerebko re-signed with the Boston Celtics on Friday, 10 days after free agency began. In his mind, there was never a doubt that he’d be back in green and white. “I had some offers, but my first choice was always coming back here and we worked it out and I’m happy to be back,” Jerebko said Tuesday evening in Las Vegas, where he caught the Celtics’ summer league game against Miami. “There were teams that were knocking on the door, but I just liked being in Boston and what we had going on.”