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Jonny Flynn
Jonny Flynn
Position: None
Born: 02/06/89
Height: 6-0 / 1.83
Weight:185 lbs. / 83.9 kg.
After a protracted search, Kahn hired Kurt Rambis to coach the Timberwolves. Rambis brought a championship pedigree from his days on the Showtime Lakers, where he learned under Pat Riley. He had also apprenticed on the Lakers bench beside Phil Jackson. Dave Wohl, Minnesota’s lead assistant, remembers arriving in Minnesota and Kahn asking him whether Rubio and Flynn could prosper playing together. Wohl described Flynn as a good, ambitious kid. He also said that Rubio and Curry would have made a better pairing. He didn’t believe either Flynn or Rubio could perform at shooting guard. “He said, ‘No, no. I want to play Jonny and Rubio. They remind me of [Walt] Frazier and [Earl] Monroe,'” Wohl said. “When he said that, I didn’t know what to say. I actually played during the ’70s against Earl and Clyde and there’s just no comparison.” Wohl told Kahn that he did not think it was an accurate comparison. “He said, ‘Yeah, it is. They are two guys who can handle the ball,'” Wohl recalled Kahn saying. “When he started going in that direction, I knew that Kurt was going to have a struggle in him trying to figure out what to do with both those guys when they came because Ricky was clearly a guy who was a great passer and was going to be able to do some things offensively with his passing that Jonny, at that point, wasn’t able to do,” Wohl said.
Doctors cleared Flynn to play in December, despite the coaching staff’s reluctance. “We couldn’t think of a basketball player who had ever torn his hip labrum,” Wohl said.1 “So we didn’t have anything to go on. You don’t even have anything to compare it to.” Flynn missed the first 24 games of the season. “He almost had a hip-hop in his step,” Wohl said. This wasn’t the same Jonny Flynn. “In my opinion, he came back way too soon,” Rambis said. “I could see that he wasn’t ready to explode off that leg. He hadn’t fully recovered from it. Management was pushing him to come back, to start playing. I didn’t think he was ready to play. The surgeon felt that he had recovered from the surgery and was ready to play, but just watching him out there, he wasn’t able to do the things that he was doing prior to the surgery. I didn’t think he was ready to play, and as a result, he didn’t play anywhere near his level that he ended his first season with. He lost a lot of confidence. Fans were booing him. We weren’t playing well as a team.”
Wohl worried about Flynn early in his career. “One of the things that coaches always talk about is the willingness for a guy to be coached,” Wohl said. “You hear [Gregg] Popovich talk about [Tim] Duncan. He always talks about, ‘Duncan lets me coach him.’ A lot of rookies come in and they’re not ready to do that yet. Jonny was at that stage. “My concern with Jonny was that if Jonny didn’t figure out a way to change and adapt and didn’t open himself up to coaching and take learning better, that I thought he’d be out of the league in two or three years,” Wohl continued. “And that’s where he went.”
“That second year was my toughest year because I never went through something like that, where basketball is your main problem in life,” Flynn said. “Usually it’s your safe haven. Usually, you play basketball and you get away from everything else. But basketball being the biggest problem of my life, being a young kid, I couldn’t handle that. That was a really, really low time in my life, which it shouldn’t have been. You hear people say, ‘You’re in the NBA. You’re getting a check. You’re doing this. You can get your parents a house. Your sister’s good. Your family’s good.’ But when you love basketball, you just want to be able to play. The money is great. Once you get everything out of the way, once you take care of your family, once everything happens, it’s about basketball. During that time, it was tough.”
For now, Flynn is plotting his next step. He said he may look to play in China or Spain if he doesn’t make it out of an NBA training camp. But he’s not ready to quit. Can you really be washed-up at 24 years old? Or could Flynn improbably morph into a late-blooming lottery star, the same way Chauncey Billups did once upon a time? “When you go through things like I have, it takes a little bit of the joy away,” Flynn said after his cameo against the Hawks. “But I still love the game.”
Why did you guys like Flynn so much over Curry? David Kahn: Well, Curry didn’t visit (before the draft). That hurt because whenever you’re building consensus amongst all staff it’s hard when you don’t have a player visit for that reason alone and he wouldn’t visit. I’d only been there for two weeks. I couldn’t do anything about that. Flynn had leadership abilities at first blush. He was very dynamic, charismatic. You could see it his rookie season. The kid had a lot of confidence, plays bigger than he is. He just got hurt. He got hurt. He had a pre-condition nobody knew about his hip. During his recovery period, he knew something was wrong but he didn’t tell anybody it, there was a feeling of impingement in there (in his hip) and never described to trainers at Syracuse how deep it was. It really has hurt his career. I hope he recovers from it. He’s still a very young player. I remember Bill Laimbeer in a staff meeting before Jonny’s first season likening Jonny to Isiah Thomas. People like to sort of pile on after they have information that proves their point, but there wasn’t this kind of piling on the poor kid that year. There were a lot of people who liked him a lot. He had a lot of explosion that went away.
Get on the court and actually play. “Sometimes you get into situations where you are not playing in practice and you are not playing in games and you can’t get better if you are not playing basketball,” Flynn said on Wednesday when the Tigers and head coach Chris Anstey introduced the 23-year old point guard. “I just wanted to come somewhere that would give me the best chance to play and I feel that being here will do that. It was kind of an easy choice when I decided where I wanted to go.”