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Jordan Clarkson
Jordan Clarkson
Position: G
Born: 06/07/92
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:185 lbs. / 83.9 kg.
Salary: $11,562,500
After chasing a poor pass that became too hard to retrieve, Warriors forward Nick Young jumped over a row of baseline seats and landed with a hard thud. Young lay on the floor for a few moments, the impact of his 32-year-old body feeling the strain of falling to the concrete floor. It took him some time to feel comfortable to stand up. Before that happened, former Lakers teammate Jordan Clarkson approached him and said five words that left Young laughing afterwards. “Get your old ass up!” Clarkson said.
When the cameras and majority of reporters went away, pulled [Jordan Clarkson] aside and asked him what it felt like to watch from the sidelines on a night when he deserved to be on the floor in the deciding minutes. “It tough as hell, to be honest with you,” Clarkson said after a long pause and a deep sigh. “Because I’m a competitor like everybody else in this locker room. You want to be on the floor. It is what it is. I can’t control nothing [sic] of what’s going on. [Walton] put the guys, he thought, on the floor that are going to win the game for us.”
Jordan Clarkson, who’s in his fourth season with the Lakers, told reporters about his game-day routine on Thursday. While many NBA players are going vegan to improve their performance, 25-year-old Clarkson is doing the opposite of that. The guard said his routine is “whatever,” then went into detail. Here it is: Wake up and eat fried chicken (or something) Shoot around Go to the candy store and get Skittles Watch a movie Play video games Take a nap Drive to arena and get pregame shots up
Clarkson partnered with the luxury fashion brand for their F is for Fendi campaign during a bit of a strange offseason. It was an offseason during which the business side of his chosen profession crystallized for him. Clarkson still has his fun, but because of that he’s approached the season differently than he had in past seasons. It’s showing in his play, where his coaches are seeing a new focus on defense and his scoring is among the best in the NBA coming off the bench. “You don’t really understand that until you’ve been around for a while you see guys get traded,” Clarkson said. “People that are close to you. Shoot. My last three years I walked into a locker room and seen all new faces. It’s not nothing new for me. Now it’s just part of the business. Come in, put on this jersey, play for your teammates and try to get wins.”
Clarkson is putting up better numbers than last season, with far less opportunity. His 20.5 minutes per game, are down from 29.2 last season. So what’s the difference? “I feel like last year was kind of a weird year for me, just in terms of figuring out my role,” Clarkson told Lakers Nation. “But this year, having this kind of structure, knowing that’s what I’m going to be, sixth man off the bench running with that second unit, it kind of gives me a little bit more comfortability.”