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Jordan Clarkson
Jordan Clarkson
Position: G
Born: 06/07/92
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:185 lbs. / 83.9 kg.
Salary: $12,500,000
Is there the skeleton of a unit that can defend among your young guys — Clarkson, Ingram, Nance in particular — or are those pieces still not yet on the roster? Mitch Kupchak: If you look at the stats, I think we’re close to the bottom of the barrel. You would say that it’s not possible. But if you can score in this league, you can defend. It’s just a matter of putting your mind to it and making the commitment. So we haven’t done that yet. You can point to injuries, you can point to youth. But we haven’t been able to do it yet. There’s no reason why we can’t.
Indeed, it looks like there will be a good deal of time. That’s because the Lakers are not moving any of the three, even as we enter the silly season of NBA trade discussions. According to league sources, the Lakers have not included any of the three into trade discussions, and do not figure to change that. They’re unlikely to consider moves involving their two other young role players, Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr., who figure to be key parts of the rotation in the near future.
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Meanwhile, those around Clarkson think his sturdy upbringing have helped him adjust to a slightly different role with the Lakers. They project him becoming an eventual Sixth Man of the Year candidate, defensive specialist and even an All-Star. The second-round draft pick with an underdog mentality has already grown into enough of a coveted young prospect that the Lakers gave him a four-year, $50 million contract extension last summer. “I still got that chip on my shoulder. It’s still the same way,” Clarkson said. “Nothing is given to us. You have to come in here and earn everything that you get. I just grind.”
After the Heat’s blowout loss to the 14-26 Lakers, Erik Spoelstra didn’t take out his frustration on his team. He pointed that frustration at the officials after Goran Dragic was ejected for just the second time in his NBA career for his role in a scuffle with Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson with 5:29 remaining in the third quarter. “It’s really shameful, disgraceful that Goran Dragic got thrown out of that game,” Spoelstra said. “Gets an elbow to his face, somebody that wants to fight, knocks him down on the ground and just a bailout, shameful, disgraceful ejection. There’s no way he should be thrown out in that situation for just taking an elbow to the face and getting up. Not even necessarily defending himself. Just getting up.”