Jordan Clarkson Rumors

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Vitti is often an emissary between players and management. He recently met up with Bryant, with whom he shares a longtime bond. “He was asking about our young kids, and I said, ‘You cannot believe how quick and athletic Jordan Clarkson is. He looks fantastic,'” Vitti said. “I said I personally thought D’Angelo Russell is going to be a star. He makes hard things look easy when he has the ball in his hands. “Then Kobe said to me, ‘Well, then who’s going to play [small forward]?’ I looked at him and I said, ‘You.’ And with absolute, 100% confidence, he said, ‘I can do that.'”
via Los Angeles Times
When he was finally able to suit up for the Tigers in 2013-14, Clarkson’s playmaking had evolved since his days at Tulsa. In the Braggin’ Rights game against Illinois at the end of December, he had a 25-8-6 line and stunned even Haith with a coast-to-coast layup where he glided in from behind the 3-point line. After scoring 28 points against Kentucky at the beginning of February, Clarkson had a conversation at his apartment with his father, Mike, and his stepmother, Janie. They told him that Mike had a rare form of cancer in his lower back. Clarkson and Missouri didn’t want to publicize this, but everyone close to him knew he was struggling. Both Mike and Janie have since said that he wondered if he should just give up on basketball. “It affected him, it really did,” Haith said. “Jordan may not say it did, but it did. He wasn’t the same player he was up until that point. His father kept telling him, ‘Hey I’m going to be fine, I’m great,’ but his game wasn’t the same as it was before that.”