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Jordan Crawford
Jordan Crawford
Position: None
Born: 10/23/88
Height: 6-4 / 1.93
Weight:195 lbs. / 88.5 kg.
The Heat is next-to-last in the league in points per game (92.6, ahead of only Philadelphia) but continues to pass on several available proven scorers who are interested in signing here, starting with veteran 6-4 guard Jordan Crawford, who’s back from China. The Heat has stayed in occasional contact with Crawford’s camp over the past several months but never summoned him for a workout in the past year. Crawford (12.2 career scoring average) would be a clear upgrade, but inside the Heat, there was concern that several teams have parted with him. But he is said to have matured.
via Miami Herald
Q: Which NBA teams offered deals? Jordan Crawford: “Teams wanted to wait till training camp. There were talks of one-season veteran minimum deals. My history with the Washington Wizards concerned a lot of teams. I was traded to D.C. during my rookie season and I was very passionate about playing professional basketball. I worked very hard to show everyone from the coaches to the players to fans that I wanted to win and I could help our team win even when other players were injured or didn’t believe they could win. Some of the decisions that were made and how I expressed my frustration with those decisions led to a big misunderstanding in D.C. and I ended up with a bad reputation, but I’m working to change that.”
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With Jordan Crawford headed to China, the most marketable free agent remaining is Ray Allen, who is still trying to determine whether he wants to play this season. Several teams are interested, including Cleveland, Washington, Chicago, and the Los Angeles Clippers. One free agent to watch is former Fenerbahce Ulker guard Bo McCalebb, who helped Fenerbahce beat the Celtics in an exhibition game in 2012 in Istanbul. McCalebb had originally chosen to stay overseas because of a lucrative contract but has decided to give the NBA a shot. He could be a quality backup point guard .
via Boston Globe
But Crawford also took some time to look back on what was before tipoff. He was in New York when he learned he had been named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for Dec. 2-8. Crawford averaged 23.3 points on 61 percent shooting and 6.7 assists as the Celts took down the Bucks, Nuggets and Knicks. He hit six 3-pointers in the 41-point win at Madison Square Garden. “Definitely the New York trip,” Crawford said when asked for his best C’s memory. “We were coming off two games that we won, and we were staying there for like three of four days. I won Player of the Week. Everybody was kicking it. It was a great time. It was a great time; I ain’t going to lie.”
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There’s also the fact Crawford developed a fairly strong feeling for this franchise. He came here the previous February as a so-called problem person, but he appreciated the way Ainge and Stevens dealt with him. And he liked Boston and the Celtics. “Oh, yeah,” Crawford said. “I miss it, actually. I miss it. “It was home for a minute. It was the first time I got to play a lot of minutes, got to have ups and have downs and (learn) how to adjust to it. You know, when you’re playing bad, how to get back. I mean, it was a lot of positives.”
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Take the Warriors, for instance. They’ve fallen to the no. 8 spot with a flailing offense and shaky depth, but they’ve traded just about every possible pick and might have played their last low-risk card in the Jordan Crawford deal. If they really want to add an impact piece this season, they’ll either have to orchestrate another three-team trade or part with one of the Harrison Barnes/Klay Thompson duo. That would be a major step, and though Barnes especially has struggled, sources around the league say Golden State doesn’t appear ready quite yet to go this route. The Dubs also have two sizable trade exceptions they could use to take on another player, but they’ve got about only $2.5 million in wiggle room below the tax.
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One of the logs is back at home, still under contract to the Celts cashing checks and waiting to see if he’s included in a trade. “I would say Keith (Bogans) was a guy we probably knew going into the year that wasn’t in the long-term plan,” Ainge said. “But with MarShon and Jordan, they’re still young players. I like how Jordan played for us, and I like him as a kid. I like what I saw in MarShon when he got a chance to play in the D-League and his last game with us. I think he has potential and possibilities. We’ll continue to monitor them, as well. Those guys are free agents this summer. We’re evaluating everybody in the NBA, along with our own guys. But where we are now, we need to see some guys play.
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Now Ainge doesn’t have to be worried about whether a trade might cost the Celtics a few wins. From the second he agreed to the Pierce-Garnett deal, he has been playing for seasons beyond 2013-14. “I don’t do deals just for the sake of change,” said Ainge. “We change for the purpose of progress. In the deal that we did with Jordan (Crawford) and MarShon (Brooks), as an example, we like those guys, but we really want to see Phil (Pressey) play. And it was tough for him to get minutes and opportunities. With Rondo coming back, Phil wasn’t going to (get) a chance to play much.
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